Sabotaged by fake Christians and real Muslims –

Banished from The Free Republic –

Gagged by Goggle –

Unplugged without notice by an unscrupulous server –

The Last Crusade has emerged from a dark hole within the web to sound again the trumpet for all true believers to engage in a holy war against the pervasive forces of secular humanism (including mainline Christianity), godless socialism, anti-Americanism, and, above all, radical Islam.

This website made its first appearance last June and quickly emerged as one of the fastest growing sources of news and information on the internet. The site’s exclusive stories captured the attention of Fox News, CNN, BBC, USA Today, and The Washington Post. One story on Michelle Obama and her attendants received over two million hits.

The success of the Last Crusade was accompanied by threats of lawsuits, demands for retractions of true statements by intransigent journalists, and a plague of unwholesome internet viruses

As crusaders, we remain bloodied, beaten, but unbowed. We shall not lay down our sword until the last jihadi and “Chrislamist” has been vanquished.

The reappearance of this site is due, in part, to the able assistance of an engineering student from Hamilton, Ontario who remains dedicated to the cause. This brave soul traveled at his own expense, to the Last Crusade Headquarters in Connecticut and restored our website. May god bless our recently converted friend and benefactor. Born a Muslim, our friend is now leading the Crusade against militant Islam.

Spread the word.

We’re back – – with a vengeance.

No prisoners will be taken.

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  1. Dr. Williams:
    Just today, I posted the comment below at:

    Comment by Frankly Opinionated on March 2, 2010 3:32 PM

    Where are the Crusades when you could use them again? Where, pray tell, are they? have they no passion for the modern world? We need them, for our people are mostly to pussified, to wussed up, to high on Starbucks, to do our own work. Hey Crusades, come on back, we need you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We of the West think: “But what if a Christian should put a muslim to death? What would the world think of us?”
    (Personally, I would think that we have finally gotten started in a long overdue housecleaning.)

    And when I went back to check on the followup at various posts there, I found your comment, and followed you here.
    You have been added to my list of reads. I have an online gear and apparel shop, vending on several different topics, one of which is Radical Islam.
    Now to read more on your re-established web page.
    Thank you for being in the fight to enlighten on radical islam.
    Nuf Sed

  2. Ian Whitcomb says:

    God bless yer’ cotton socks Dr. Williams!

  3. BabbaZee says:


  4. BulgarWheat says:

    excellent news!

  5. Nanuk says:

    Good news, Doc.

  6. Joe Hero says:

    Awesome! Hallelujah! May the Force of God be with you!

  7. Debbie says:

    Keep up the good work and the good fight.

  8. Omar Kayam says:

    So happily that you no be publishing insultsing about our brophet and his bride

  9. I was wondering what had happened for the time I couldn’t get this site to load.

    Glad to see The Last Crusade back up on the web!

  10. Frankly Disgusted says:

    A voice of reason in the wasteland.

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