A nighttime “ethnic cleansing” raid by Muslims on a village near Nigeria’s turbulent city of Jos resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Christians, officials said.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that 500 people were killed in the attack at Dongon Nahowa.

Authorities say the invaders were Fulani herdsmen, who seek to establish Nigeria as an Islamic republic ruled by Islamic law.

In recent months, Nigeria has experienced a wave of ethno-religious attacks

Reports from the village said the 2-hour attack Sunday caught the villagers unaware. Several villagers who escaped said the invaders used guns, swords and knives to cut down their victims, including children. Some victims were beheaded and burned, reports said.

Jos is the capital of Nigeria’s Plateau State.

Gregory Yenlong, Plateau information commissioner, said the government was shocked by the violence, the news agency in Lagos, Nigeria, reported.

Describing the attack as an “ethnic cleansing” of the Berom people, Yenlong called for the arrest of Saleh Bayare, a Fulani from Bassa area of Plateau State.

Less than two months ago, 326 people died in two days of religious and ethnic fighting in the region.

50% of Nigeria is now Islamic. Twenty years ago, the country was a bastion of Christianity in Africa with 90% of the population adhering to the Christian faith.

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  1. thesauros says:

    Click on the video at the following link and watch Mohommad’s followers of “peaceful” islam carrying out his instructions – direct from the Quran.


  2. Messenger of Truth says:

    Dr. Williams you are a fool. “Christians” could care less about what happens to other Christians.

    Islam has the Ummah, and we look after each other while you fools pick the pockets of your own dead.

    Christianity is finished, I urge you to convert to the one true faith,

  3. cookielady says:

    MessengerofLies, we care deeply about those martyred for their faith in Yeshua the Messiah. You, sir, are a messenger of Satan, and will receive the reward you request, unless you repent your false religion and idolatrous ways, worshipping a rock in a box. You bow to your stone idol 5 times a day, do you? While you do it, Satan laughs at you as you serve his purpose, and the One GOD laughs at Satan and all who serve him. Fall on your knees and repent, before it is too late for you! Jesus is Lord, and no other! Maranatha!

  4. pbird says:

    Yes. No one could have said it better than Cookie did.

  5. Messenger of Truth says:


    You children will embrace Islam and America will join the Ummah.

    Mark my words.

  6. Of course Al Jazeera will portray the attackers as victims, and the victims as intolerant Christian thugs.

  7. Sylvia H. says:

    Oh my god! They look like cannibals!

  8. Sylvia H. says:

    Poor, poor, woman.

    Beastly savages.

  9. muslimah says:

    As muslim I am deeply disturbed that such bloody crimes happen. True Muslims must stand up for what is right even if it pits us against our ownat times.

  10. cookielady says:

    My children, sir, reject the evil religion of the false prophet Mohammed, who was a brigand, a murderer, and a pedophile. They will teach their children the same. The majority of Americans are like me and mine, and are armed and ready to boot. We will not ’embrace’ your wicked supremacist ideology; we will NEVER SUBMIT, and we will NEVER SURRENDER!

    Repent! People of the One True GOD, repent! When we do, HE will show Himself a mighty warrior on our behalf, and that is our only hope!

    And Muslimah, I am heartbroken for you, that these evil ones must be called “your own.” Read your own words and ponder their meaning in your heart. I will be praying for your deliverance.

  11. Saddened says:

    God laughs at no lost soul. His heart breaks for every one of them.

  12. marine says:

    To Messanger of truth, you are gonna loose this war, mark my words, I am willing to commint these types of crimes against you and your kind without remorse…..mark my words;)

  13. Charles Martel says:

    Messenger of Truth,
    A Jihadi is merely a beast with no soul, who’s entrails will stick to the bottom of my boot.
    I’m your 72-Virgin Dating Service & will eagerly oblige you.

  14. DP111 says:

    Unfortunately what these Somali Muslims are doing, is replicated by Muslims whenever they get the chance. All the primitive acts ofr savegery one sees, either beheadings, deliberate humiliation of captured prisoners, desecration of bodies of the dead, is only done by Muslims, or very primitive savages in the jungles of Borneo.

    It may seem at the moment that Muslims are winning, as no one else replies in the same coinage as Muslims, but Muslims should take heed.

    Muslima, it is better you stop deluding yourself that islam is anything but what we see in the video, and seek the refuge that Jesus provides for your soul.

  15. Daviroans says:

    What is happenning to Nigeria is the begining of the worst yet to happen.
    The Devil has blindfolded the people of Nigeria to accept the religion that has no remorse for human life, Islam.
    islam is the devil’s religion, because the devil has got only three missions;
    1.To steal, 2. To kill and 3. To destroy.

    But the son of God(Jesus) came in order to give life and more abundantly.
    I am praying for the leaders of Nigeria,for God to turn their hearts from this evil religion and reject it.cant you see that they even kill each other.
    The devil’s determination is for self destruction.

    Christians, all over the world please let us pray for the salvation of these lost Moslems to christianity.


  16. Jeannine Pani says:

    Please spread ths word that on Wednesday, April 7th from 4:45 pm on, religious, civic and human rights leaders of many faiths and backgrounds will gather in front of the Nigerian Consulate in New York City to raise their voices of conscience about the continuing massacres of Christians as well as the ongoing barbaric persecution of non-Muslim minorities by jihadists in Nigeria and elsewhere across the globe.

    While there are no official figures yet to confirm the numbers killed in the March 7th Massacre of Christians in Nigeria, we do know that many of the victims were children, women and the elderly. They were caught in nets and hacked to death, beheaded, and set on fire. Those arrested reportedly belong to the Muslim Fulani terror group.

    Event: Rally for Nigeria

    The Wednesday, April 7th Rally to Protect the Christians of Nigeria will take place at the

    Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations

    828 Second Ave (at 44th Street), New York , NY


    For endorse this event or for more information (212) 726-1124

  17. IndigoMan says:

    MessengerOfLies – you are semi-correct, just like your father the devil. Satan uses a little morsel of truth to deceive, kill, steal .. the evidence is as real as the bomb in your brains. Ruled by delusions of worldly gradeur, living like sub-human animals, what good comes of this except for sub-human, backwards brain animals?
    Truth speaks independent of forced opinion, ‘.. his nation will be as a wild ass with a sword.” Of course there is more that goes with the package for the jackal cowards of humanity.
    Case closed.

  18. Therese says:

    Crikey! Did any Moslem ever have “humanity”? or THE LOVE THEREOF. You put the otherwise caring and loving Christain into a force you may not have realized you will finally have to come to terms with. There is another side to us and it is not “turn the other cheek”. It is about maintaining our way of life and we will eventually fight to defend it. When our greedy politicians get the message that Enough Islam is Enough you will hear from us. In the meantime, WATCH THIS SPACE

  19. moonshadow says:

    therese none of your comments are recognisable as christianity. Do you read the gospel ever?

  20. Therese says:

    Jews are not Christian specifically Moonshadow. Although the man we call Jesus Christ was a Jew. But mighty fine people. Buddhists are not Christians either. But mighty fine people. Hindu people are not Christians either. But mighty fine people. These people dont have a Gospel and it does not deminish their goodness or their place in the world. Christians dont have a monopoly on what is considered good and noble. The nobility of the the Aboriginal peoples of the world have a religion of extreme beauty and kindness and loving the land. Try not to see the world with tunnel vision Moonshadow and you will learn and grow.

  21. moonshadow says:

    What religion are you therese, because your outright regection of mercy baffles me. I would rather put your coments in context of the person than just assume you are just psycho. Why do you speak of high morals and then advocate violance?

  22. ejaz says:

    Therese, do you think man basically is a sinner and not nearly holy enough to be with a holy God in heaven for all of eternity?

  23. Kiesha says:

    Cookie Lady is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ISLAM IS THE BEST AND KINDEST RELIGION IN THE WORLD AND WE DONT DO ANY HARM!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST LIKE mESSESGER OF TRUTH SAID… we look after each other while you fools pick the pockets of your own dead. HE IS EXACTLY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Ziad says:

    Terrorists have killed less than eight thousand Americans since the year 2000. Americans have killed over 100,000 Middle Easterners since the year 2000.

    And if one is blaming something he should PROVE his argument with facts and stats. Here, violent crime rates, mureders per capita stats:


    As you can see in the list there’s only one Muslim country (Khrygizistan) in top 25 and bottom of the list occupied by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Japan. Meanwhile 24 of top 25 most murderous nations are CHRISTIAN nations.

    Also, do i need to remind you millions of Africans, native Americans , Jews and Aztecs that got killed by Christians?

    In fact it’s policies of western countries that have created the actual radicalism. Until Israel was founded there was no terror in Palestin, until Afghanistan was invaded there was no Taliban (indeed CIA educated Taliban), and until British supported Saudis took over Arabia there was no marginal Wahhabism in Hijaz.

    What we have to realize is that Islam is not inherently violent, and vastly misunderstood. It is the radical interpretation of Islam that is violent, not islam itself.

    You can hate Muslims and terrorism all you want, but at the end of the day, Americans and Christian leadership have caused multitudes more death and suffering. You can argue logistics, semantics, intentions, and ‘what’s right’. But admit it — Christianity has caused another war in the world against a Muslim nation. And like the Crusades, you are in a bloody, endless war against a religion, justified by ‘your’ religion.

    I must admit though that islam is an intolerant religion but that is because it is the last and final religion to be prophesied on us(as stated in the qur’an itself). To better explain my point I’ll make an analogy between religion and the software world whereby new software versions are generally prepared to deal with older versions of themselves while the inverse is not even conceivable. Beta versions must allow some form of coexistence but final versions are usually much more agressive. There is nothing evil in this natural evolution and it just happens for the better.

    Yet islam is not forced on non-muslims as some may believe. Here is some food for thought:
    “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error” (Qur’an 2:256)
    Islam clearly prohibits forced conversion towards people of any religion(Qur’an 18:29)

    So to win the “war on terror” you must first win the hearts and minds of Muslims.

  25. Therese says:

    they dont have hearts and their minds are on anything else but peace

  26. Therese says:

    Ejaz – show me eternity.
    Kiesha – female genital mutilation is kind?
    Moonshadow – do your history lessons. Great battles in history fought over religion would be a good start, if you can read – you cant spell.

    Azareal is writing in his book about all who follow the violent religion.
    Wow, if you believe that lot you will believe anything. And ain’t that the truth!

    There is a difference between defending ourselves, against terrorists who are killing thousands of innocent people. Defending is a different kettle of fish. But, you would not understand this because you are illiterates who are promised the absolute crap of a Muslim brothel in the sky, you call Paradise. Get real you bunch of fruit cakes. O and the old lady you married can sit in the rocking chair and look on. Is she allowed to masturbate?

  27. Jess says:

    All of this is exactly GOD himself called these people ‘HEATHENS”..he said they are a heathenistic nation…even as god knew that Abrahams first born would NOT inherit ISRAEL , still he blessed the handmaidens Son Ishmael, and all of these muslims ARE the bastard children of Ishmael’s bloodline…they are the descendants of Ishmael.And the Lord himself saw into their hearts and he KNEW that their hearts and necks would be stiffened against the apple of his eye…ISRAEL!!!… What did Jesus tell us about his Beloved Israel? he said ; HE WOULD BLESS THOSE WHO BLESS ISRAEL, AND HE WOULD CURSE THOSE WHO CURSE ISRAEL!!!….aS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE …WE WILL SERVE THE LORD , AND WE WILL PRAY FOR PEACE IN JERUSALEM!!! …AND IF YOU DONT WATCH JOHN HAGEE MINISTRIES AT CORNERSTONE CHURCH ON CH. 377 …PLEASE DO!!! THIS MAN LOVES GOD, IS ANOINTED OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AND HE STANDS FIRM IN SUPPORT OF ISRAEL!!!!!!. =) http://www.JHM.ORG
    Behold ; I come quickly….even as a theif cometh in the night, Behold, I come quickly!!!!!…SELAH…

  28. Ziad says:

    Therese, being strict is not to be confused with being heartless.

    I’m afraid you are also confusing culture and religion. What makes you think islam encourages genital mutilation?

    I got those statements from the Qur’an for you:

    “And I will surely lead them astray, and arouse desires in them, and command them and they will cut the cattle’s ears, and I will surely command them and they will change Allah’s creation. Whoever chooses the Devil for a friend instead of Allah is assuredly a loser, and his loss is manifest.” (An-Nisa: 119)

    While reflecting on the above verse, also read the following statements:

    “There is no altering Allah’s creation.” (Ar-Rum: 30); “And do not cast yourselves into destruction by your own hands.” (Al-Baqarah: 195).

    And coming to your ‘anything but peace’ statement well I do agree that violence is allowed in islam but only under specific circumstances:

    “Permission is given (to fight) those who have taken up arms against you wrongfully. And verily God (Allah) is well able to give you succor. To those who have been driven forth from their homes for no reason than this that say ‘Our Lord is God.” Qur’an goes on to add, “Hath not God repelled some men by others, cloisters and churches and synagogues and mosques, wherein the name of God is ever mentioned, would assuredly have been pulled down.” (Qur’an 22: 39-42)

    On another occasion Qur’an says, “Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but don’t transgress limits; for God loves not the transgressor.” (Qur’an 2: 190-193)

    And yet one of the verses says “Put down the polytheists wherever you find them, and capture them and beleaguer them and lie in wait for them at every ambush” (Qur’an 9:5).

    But the immediate context is that of a “war in progress” and not to be misinterpreted as a general directive. It was an attempt to motivate muslims in self-defense in this specific context and it would be absurd to believe it was a general one.

    Therefore war is permitted in self defense, when other nations have attacked an Islamic state, or if another state is oppressing a section of its own people. When Muslims were to fight a war they had to maintain great discipline, avoiding injury to the innocent and use only the minimum force needed. Striking a blow in anger, even in battle, is prohibited. The prisoners of war are to be treated in a humane fashion.

    Oh by the way did you know the “holy war” concept, for which many non-muslims use the word Jihad, is foreign to Islam. Rather, it comes from a concept first used to justify the Crusades by the Christian Church during the middle Ages. Muslims fighted back by using the same concept and it finally formed part of their culture.

  29. Sixtus says:

    “Messenger of satan” should go wash his mouth ASAP!!! Christianity is alive as long as Jesus Christ is alive. Jesus Christ is the truth!!! Islam is in fact the religion of the devil. Go and continue killing Christians. All you and your cohorts are doing is sending them to heaven quicker. I suggest you start accept Christ before it’s too late because He’s coming back!!! Faster than ever!!!. You think the world is converting to your dumb evil religion? The religion of the father of all deceivers? You wish!!! because as long as we born again Christians are waiting for our King’s return, thousands of people are being transformed by the blood of Christ everyday. Be it Nigeria, America, China, Even in your islamic geographics. I pray you stop deceiving yourself before you share the same faith as many of your brethren. Christ is Lord!!!!

  30. Fruit Cakes are quite addictive and my mom always bake them every month.:`’

  31. Therese says:

    Ziad, go and have a good wank lovie – you are sure to get rid of a lot of your tension. You speak a lot of tripe. Straight out of your local Madrasha.

  32. Therese says:

    Sixtus you have got to be ready for the wanker bin too darlin’. Stop- with the blood and guts already.

  33. istambul says:

    Koran is the only source of their arguments. We can watch thousands of documentaries about Christianity from respected Professors, scholars, historians and scientists. But about Islam we cannot even talk about -not to hurt the feelings of Muslims or to be “politically correct”. If i were a Muslim who is disturbed by the violence and jihad and all every inhuman practices of Islam, i would just seek for the real history by the help of modern science.

    Christians had Renaissance and thoughts and ideas reformed their world.
    Islam needs a Renaissance too, Muslims shall start questioning, shall become individuals, this is the only way for them not to become puppets in the hands of others to fill their masters´ pockets.

    Stop blaming the others all the time, we are really bored of hearing always the same accusations, everything is the fault of Crusaders or French or British or Jews…..
    I am coming from a Muslim society too by the way. And i blame not the Christians or others i blame the educated Muslims to be lazy not break their boundaries. Don´t forget we create the concepts.

    If you hate modernization ( it can be a personal choice too), then don´t try hard to move to developed Western countries, or use technology they produce.
    But what i see is just the contrary, they deny Western values but drive a brand new Mercedes, they cover their hair, but go to Paris for shopping. They hate scientists ( i heard from a F.G follower that scientists play god so that they are sinners) but they die to study in Western schools.

    Please be honest to yourselves dear Muslims.

  34. Ziad says:

    Forget about me speaking tripe Therese. If its like that just throw away the water and you will find the sweet baby/thruth in it. Sorry but a billion wanks won’t help as long as grown ups like you keep burying their heads under the sand.

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