It Is Allowed to Marry a Girl at the Age of One

Aired on LBC TV (Lebanon) – June 19, 2008 – 00:03:08 :

Dr. Ahmad Al-Mub’i, a Saudi Marriage Officiant: It Is Allowed to Marry a Girl at the Age of One, If Sex Is postponed. The Prophet Muhammad, Whose Model We Follow, Married ‘Aisha When She Was Six and Had Sex with Her When She Was Nine :
Following are excerpts from an interview with Dr. Ahmad Al-Mu’bi, a Saudi marriage officiant, which aired on LBC TV on June 19, 2008:

Child sex normal in Islam and Quran

Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 65:

Narrated ‘Aisha:

That the Prophet married her when she was SIX years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old.

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  1. Rev. James Salter says:

    Filthy pigs!

  2. Rev. James Salter says:

    From the “Donkey’s mouth” indeed.

  3. Therese says:

    To call someone “the son of a donkey” in Turkish culture is a highly insulting thing to utter. However, if the hat fits wear it all you donkey old Muslems who dare to harm any child, any age. and, for the degradation of your woman. You believe that the womb of a woman is only carrying the male “divine seed”. haha. pardon me, you are all donkeys from where I stand. The brains of a donkey too. sorry to insult the donkey.

  4. abdi says:

    as a father, you want to protect your dughter from any type of harmful condition and situation. but why did abu bakar, allowed his daughter to marry at such a young age.if it is wrong.abu bakar wont allowed this to happen. but during that time.there is no one that against muhammad saw brought this up as a matter of rejection.therefore. this matter is not consider a wrong thing to do.if it is so.why did people still follow his teaching if his action is nothing to do against their culture. even so,during that time, slave are totally owned mean that their body heart n soul are owned by their master. such things if applied in todays life is no more accpetable by social standard and human rights.however to applied todays rule to the past is another thing. may people agaisnt the mariage of aisya. but the point is, why did she stick to the man until his last breath if he was consider as some say pedophile rapist etc ? why didnt she complaint anything? if she didnt complaint anything, why should us?

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