In her annual report on human rights, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton takes to task white Europeans for manifesting increased discrimination against Muslims.

Mrs. Clinton and her staff denounce not only Switzerland for its ban on the construction of new minarets but also the restrictions on wearing burqas and head scarves in France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

The report turns a harsh eye on the Netherlands, where Muslims number about 850,000, and criticizes the insensitive Dutch Prosecutor’s Office for dismissing complaints over the dissemination of a series of controversial cartoons, including those of a Danish artist depicting the Prophet Mohammed, and determining that the cartoons were neither offensive to Muslims as a group nor the cause of discrimination against Islam.

The contents of the report, which have failed to capture widespread national attention, also decry the authorities in Denmark for continuing to provide protection to Kurt Westergaard.

This criticism has caused some political analysts, including Edward Hopkins, to wonder if Mrs. Clinton and the State Department are calling upon the Danes to allow the irate Muslims, who assassinated Theo Van Gogh, to behead Mr. Westergaard.

Other pronouncements in the report are equally provocative.

Mrs. Clinton and the drafters of the report censor the Austrian Education Ministry for refusing to recognize the Alevi association – – reportedly a group comprised of Islamic militants – – as either a religious society or a religious community on the grounds that the state already officially recognizes one Muslim group: the Islamic Belief Community.

They further condemn the United Kingdom for its “Terrorism Act,” which imposes a range of restrictions on individuals suspected of terrorism-related activities.

“Discrimination against Muslims,” the report proclaims, “is an increasing concern.”

The report has little to say about the expulsion and persecution of Christians in Iran; the genital mutilation of women and children in Somalia and other Muslim countries, and virulent anti-Christian and Jewish rhetoric in mosques within Europe and throughout the world.

Nor did the report address the realization that every conflict throughout the world, from Chechnya to China, from Indonesia to India, from Afghanistan to Argentina, from Somalia to the Sudan, and from the Balkans to the Philippines, involves a manifestation of Islam.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Clinton has been an ardent admirer and defender of Islam. On one occasion, she praised Islam for its “universal values – – love of family and community, mutual respect, education, and the deepest yearning of all – – to live in peace – – values that can strengthen us as people and strengthen the United States as a nation.”

On October 3. 2009, the Secretary of State visited the Igbad Memorial in Pakistan, where, wearing a hijab, she joined with the imam and the Muslim dignitaries in Islamic prayer. The service included the Surah al-Ikhlas, which Mrs. Clinton recited. This surah contains the following four ayahs:

1. Say He is Allah, the One clear of all partners and similars.

2. Allah is the One needed by all and He needs none.

3. Allah does not beget children and He is not begotten.

4. And, there is none, in any way, similar to Him.

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  1. Harvey says:

    What an ugly, despicable creature.

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  3. Debbie says:

    You say “Throughout her career, Mrs. Clinton has been an ardent admirer and defender of Islam. On one occasion, she praised Islam for its “universal values – – love of family and community, mutual respect, education, and the deepest yearning of all – – to live in peace – – values that can strengthen us as people and strengthen the United States as a nation.””

    Obviously Hillary is a useful idiot.

  4. Mark says:

    Useless idiot would be more like it Debbie.

    Here Is a muslim test for all of you,
    Answers at the bottom

    ” 1. What is the penalty for insulting Mohammed or Islam (Koran 9:61-:63, 33:57-58)? (Koran 33:61)

    2. What is the penalty for Muslims who leave Islam? (Koran 2:217, 4:89 ) (Bukhari 9.84.57)

    3. Are Muslims allowed to doubt ANY part of the Koran? (Koran 2:1)

    4. What do Muslims consider Mohammed to be, in addition to a Prophet? (Koran 68:4, 33:21)

    5. How old was the child bride Aisha when she was forced to marry the 51-year old ideal man Mohammed? (Bukhari 7.62.88)

    6. As the ideal man (Koran 68:4, 33:21) Mohammed didn’t deflower Aisha immediately.
    How old was the nubile Aisha when she was deflowered by the 54-year old Mohammed?

    7. Marriage and divorce of pre-pubescent girls are allowed in Islam (Koran 65:4). Was Aisha ever divorced?

    8. What one person in the whole world was given permission by All*h to have as many wives as he wanted? (Koran 33:50)

    9. All*h ordered Mohammed (Koran 33:37) to marry the strikingly beautiful woman (named Zaynab bint Jahsh) that he saw earlier in a revealing and sexy chemise. Who was this relative?

    10. Mohammed had a lot of anger and rage one day in 627 A.D. in the Saudi Arabian city of Medina. How many captive Qurayza Jews did he help behead that day as allowed in the Koran? (Koran 47:4, 8:12)

    11. In Islam, non-Muslim women and girls are of course allowed to be raped by Muslim men (Koran 4:3, :24, 5:89, 23:5, 33:50, 58:3, 70:30).
    What’s another name for these women, often raped thousands of times, over years, decades, or until they die or are killed?
    Hint: In the Koran, they are referred to as “Possessions of the ******.”

    12. What humans, in addition to sex slaves (Koran 4:3, :24, 5:89, 23:5, 33:50, 58:3, 70:30), are Muslims allowed to own?

    13. Muslims are allowed to have non-Muslim sex slaves and slaves. What can’t we be to Muslims? (Koran 5:51)

    14. Islam is not very tolerant or nice. Non-Muslims under Sharia (Islamic Law) are given 3 choices (Koran 9:29):
    1. Convert to Islam 2. Pay an extortion tax to remain alive while being persecuted as 2nd class citizens.
    What is the remaining choice we non-Muslims have living under Muslim rule? (Koran 9:29)

    15. Non-Muslims are forbidden from doing what to Muslims? (Koran 4:92),

    16. Islam is not very tolerant or nice.
    What’s the name of the extortion tax we have to pay if we want to remain alive while being persecuted as 2nd class citizens under Muslim rule? (Koran 9:29)

    17. Muslims MUST treat and persecute non-Muslims as inferior 2nd class citizens. (Koran 9:29)
    What are we called?

    18. Who believes that any religious books other than the Koran are unacceptable? (Koran 2:216)

    19. What percent of the Koran talks about violence/war/jihad?

    20. Islam is not very tolerant or nice.
    What 2 derogatory slurs do Muslims use referring to Jews and Christians?
    Hint: They’re the same derogatory slurs in the Koran. (Koran 2:62-65; 5:59-60; 7:166)

    21. The only GUARANTEED way for Muslims to enter heaven is by killing us non-Muslims (Koran 9:111).
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    What’s the other violent verse (Koran 9:5) called? Hint: Verse of the *****.

    22. When Muslims die killing us non-Muslims, the burial ritual is very different.
    The bodies are neither washed, nor do they receive new clothing. The blood-stained body is proof to All*h that they followed the required (Koran 9:111), which says to Kill AND be Killed.
    How many hymen-regenerating, beautiful virgins await them in heaven?

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    (Bukhari 4:54:540 – Volume 4, Book 54, Verse 540) Hint: if a little puppy hadn’t been hiding under the bed, “man’s best friend” might be acceptable in Islam today.

    24. Speaking of animals, Mohammed rode from Mecca to Jerusalem and back again in one night.
    He made a brief stop in heaven where he came across Moses many times. It’s a half-donkey, half-mule with wings and a beautiful female human head.
    What’s this animal called? Hint: Switch 2 letters in the word burqa.

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    2. Death
    3. No
    4. The Ideal Man
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    6. 9-years old
    7. No
    8. Mohamed
    9. Adopted Son’s Wife
    10. 600 – 900 beheaded

    11. Right Hand
    12. Slaves
    13. Friends
    14. Be Killed
    15. Killing Them
    16. Jizya
    17. Dhimmis
    18. Muslims
    19. 60%
    20. Pigs and Apes

    21. Sword
    22. 72
    23. Dogs
    24. Buraq
    25. Alcohol
    26. Taqiyya
    27. Kitman
    28. Mohammed
    29. Non-Muslims
    30. Mercy

    31. Abrogation
    32. Length
    33. Jews (Children of Israel)
    34. Hell
    35. All*h
    36. 27
    37. 20%
    38. Four
    39. Four
    40. Beat Them

    41. Stoning
    42, Remarrying
    43. Sons
    44. Honor Killing
    45. Mecca and Medina
    46. Bible
    47. All*h Akbar
    48. Mein Kampf
    49. Muslims
    50. Red

  5. Gail says:

    Where did this show Hillary praying? Wearing a head scarf is not a sign of accepting Islam, it is not a religious symbol – its cultural. Many non-Islamic societies also wear a head scarf for modesty reasons. Where did you see her lips move in this video? In most of this footage it wasn’t even clear that a prayer was being said – not everyone was praying, that’s for sure. Get over the paranoia of everyone who isn’t like you, and stop the hate.

    I don’t agree with Hillary’s condemnation of the European nations that was mentioned in the article. but trying to paint her as a Muslim is just ridiculous and smacks of defamation.

  6. Sheila says:

    Damn dumb dhimmi.

  7. DP111 says:

    I don’t agree with Hillary’s condemnation of the European nations that was mentioned in the article. but trying to paint her as a Muslim is just ridiculous and smacks of defamation.

    If she were a Muslim, it is understandable and could be forgiven, but to side with islamists against those who are hesitatingly taking steps to defend themselves from the scourge of Islam, is worse.

  8. R Armond says:

    Hi Folks. Just so that you know where I / we are coming from, we as a couple have been extremely islamist-wise since 1995 and active in learning and putting out the word about the ills of islamism.

    I checked some of the references (above) to Eurabia but did not find supporting evidence in Shrillary’s 2009 Annual Report. RE: Denmark, your article says: “The contents of the report ……also decry the authorities in Denmark for continuing to provide protection to Kurt Westergaard.” All I found in the report was: “Authorities continued to provide protection to cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, whose caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed in 2005 led to demonstrations in Denmark and in many Muslim countries.” – I saw no condemnation of this nor of Kurt. It appeared to me to be merely mentioned without comment or condemnation.

    While NOTHING the current Admin did with regard to helping islamism achieve its goals would surprise me up to and including being found to be closet muslims, That said, I would like to be able to back up, with legit quotes, the things mentioned.

    Any supporting actual quotes and specific links would add credibility to the article and give us all “verified” ammunition to fire back at this Obaminable Administration.

    As you said, clearly islamist nations get off easy with this administration. Now, Turkey gets off on its genocide, even though the house passed a resolution officially condeming it.

    Thanks ….. Cdn Cpl

  9. R Armond says:

    I followed this link to the govt report for Europe:

  10. Gordon Tippet says:

    R Armond is not much of a researcher…….. but he is a very good apologist for the Islamic Jihad against Christians and Jews,

    Try this:

    Western Europe criticized in State Department’s annual human rights report

    The State Department’s 2010 Human Rights Report examines abuse and discrimination the world over, featuring China, Iran, and… Western Europe?

    Europe is not exactly at the forefront of one’s mind when thinking of places with poor human rights records. But creeping into European society are widespread and insidious anti-Muslim sentiments, says the report. These prejudices are increasingly visible across the Continent, with numerous cases last year highlighting the issue. The document puts it rather bluntly: “Discrimination against Muslims in Europe has been an increasing concern.”

    The biggest headline grabber was the Swiss ban of minaret construction, passed by a significant majority (57.5 percent in favor) in a popular referendum. (Notably, the ban was opposed by majorities in parliament and the Federal Council, but still won handily.) Compared to its bigger neighbors, Switzerland has a relatively tiny Muslim community, and there are only four minarets in the entire country — making the ban mostly symbolic. But the message, another contribution to the growing trend of Swiss hostility towards Muslims, resonated. The report further stated,

    Islamic organizations have complained that authorities in many cantons and municipalities discriminated against Muslims by refusing zoning approval to build mosques, minarets, or Islamic cemeteries.

    Switzerland was hardly the only country the Report criticized. France’s anti-headscarf laws were criticized, as was French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s claim that burqas are “not welcome” in France. In the Netherlands, right-wing politician Geert Wilders is cited for frequently stoking anti-Muslimsentiments

    Italy, Germany, Britain, and most other European countries are similarly castigated for anti-Muslim hostility.

    Sorry Achmed….. your taqiya has been expposed!

  11. Robin says:

    Since Hillary is so pro-Muslim why doesn’t she move to Saudi Arabia? I thought she was for women’s rights – yet Muslim women are subjugated by Muslim men. WHERE is that report Hillary?

  12. R Armond says:

    Gordy: I quote the source, you quote a blog that summarized it and put it in its own words.

    Again, State Dept mentioned these things, but did not add criticism / any opinion on it.

    All I want is true sources the “criticism” promised so I can use it agianst this muslimish govt.

    Nowhere did I read “catigated”. All I saw was mentions made.

    I ask for sources and you say “Sorry Achmed….. your taqiya has been expposed!

    I suggest that you hurt our mutual cause when you avoid or distort facts, accuse, then label people. That is the islamist way!!! We don’t need to use their type of methods to eliminate them. Those who do that hurt our cause.

    Funny. This is a first for me. Most of my forum / internet posts garner things like ” islamophobe”, “hates all muslims”, “fascist”, “racist”, “prolly belongs to Stormfront” and many a lot worse from wannabe jihadis, real jihadis, and our western BumUp appeasers who are like the current Obamination Administration.

    What part of “While NOTHING the current Admin did with regard to helping islamism achieve its goals would surprise me up to and including being found to be closet muslims, That said, I would like to be able to back up, with legit quotes, the things mentioned.” was so difficult to understand??

    To Site Owner: Good site. Will return here often. I will look for a place to request email notices for new items and put your link on several other sites and posts.

  13. Well…. Mrs. Clinton is mouthing off a bit! I think it all comes from the heart of her bottom! And as for her first name…. Hillary… what a ridiculous way to spell a perfectly good English name! SO… she thinks Europe should embrace islam and the Muslims, and make Minarets, and Shiara courts to appease the many “new” immigrants to Europe…. WHY !!!! You cannot force well-run, well-meaning and traditional European countries to accept this onslaught of invaders, who seem to think they can impose THEIR ways on the country they have ” fled” to in fear of living in their own damned” countries!
    If they don’t like the “new” country…. then, please, go back home! If Westerners go to Arabic countries, they are under no illusions about the rule of law… and even… like hillary… appease the locals by wearing a headscarf! Oh for goodness sake! Try and tell the black community in America that they have no place there either… or the blacks in Britain… go back to your roots man! BUT… having said that… in Africa, the same thing is happening… “get back to Britain where you came from ” SO… WHERE do whites fit in??? They have apologised for far – far – too long for being white, and ABLE and constructive… WHAT is this CHIP on everyone’s shoulder ???
    Hillary…. no wonder Bill strayed…..

  14. Monmar says:

    Una información imprescindible por lo menos para preparar el futuro que nos espera.
    Hillary es una inculta que desconoce la historia, de pena.


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