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It took place not in Islamabad or Karachi.

It took place in Los Angeles.

The demonstrators carried signs urging onlookers to “spay and neuter all filthy Jews.”

Hundreds took part in the demonstration.

But no one protested the gathering and no one charged the demonstrators with hate speech.

The Los Angeles Police watched the proceedings with an air of indifference.

The massive demonstration took place in on Broadway in downtown L.A. before the ruins of art deco movie palaces. Many of the marchers were Latinos – – some members of La Raza. They carried signs which read: “Free Palestine” “Isreal (sic) Kills,” and “F*** Zionism.”

Muslims with skullcaps and women in burqas also took part in the celebration. Their signs read “Intifada Untill (sic) Free” and “Israelis not Muslims Did 9/11.”

A few carried placards which equated the Israeli Star of David with the Nazi Twisted Cross.

Militant blacks joined with the members of the barrio in denouncing Jews. One held a sign proclaiming: “Jews and Israel will soon be extinct. . . Welcome to JEWRASSIC Park.” Another carried a placard stating: “Dear Israel – Go F**k Yourself. Your’s (sic) Truly, God. P.S. Jesus was no a Jew – – So Kiss my big black Bible.”

Scattered among the gala gathering were scores of Jew-hating conspiracy theorists, who held up signs stating: “9/11 Was An Inside Job,” and “The American People Are Victims of ‘Zionist Conspiracy.’”

A good time was had by all in attendance.

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  1. Brad@Burke says:

    A good time was had by all? Time is short… if you want to fight against Israel and the Jews, you will. Fail… God himself will protect them. God keeps his promises, Turn to his only son Jesus befor it’s too late.

  2. cobra says:

    This country is destroyed from within.
    Illegal immigration and leftist statist laws will destroy our beloved country.
    We must fight them by all legal means. Because our cause is just, for our country and our culture.

  3. Gaston Coriveau France says:

    This kind of HATE is just a part of the beginning of the last days polarization of Americans. I for one LOVE the Jewish people. All you hate mongers must surely know that God will ultimately hold you responsible for your actions. NO one escapes. I like people from all heritages. Why can’t we just live together in peace. It isn’t impossible. So you are demonstrating. Big deal! Do you realize that it is possible you are all working for Jewish people that own the companies where you are employed ; and that if it weren’t for their enterprising ways you would be out of a job??? Why are you making such a fuss?? What have the Jewish people done?? There are a few subversives inflaming lots of dumb sheep to the slaughter. Come on, think for yourselves. The police were right to just stand by and let all the foolish noise take place. Saber rattling is just that. Noise. Palestine belongs to the Jews since 3,000 years ago, long before “allah” was ever mentioned in any book or religious service. Get used to it. Don’t be a fool. There is a very large Jewish community in the los angeles and Hollywood area. I’ll just bet if THEY demonstrated about something THEY would get smashed be the cops and thrown in the clink. They are the smart ones. They know God will uphold them no matter what. All non-believers and those who disobey God will end up in the lake of fire. That is what the scriptures say. Play it smart and do not get involved in demonstrations, but get interested in doing Gods will. You will be far better off if you do. God Bless.

  4. George Cloony says:

    Gaston, You are preaching peace and your motto up there says” I come not to bring peac, but to bring sword.” you are very confused man. of course you want to silence these voices of people condemening Israel for its agression and barbiric actions against the good people of palestine. you are supporting jwes becuase they own your country and as you mentioned your factories. well good for them becuse stupid people like you should be the slaves for the jews for ever. God bless the US under the zionists.

  5. Therese says:

    This is just what the Islamists want. They want us to tear one another apart and they will come in like the wolves they are and feast on our remains. We need to take a step back and have a good look at what is happening and dont play into their hands. We all have a place on this earth, we have to learn to share it. but we also dont want to be dominated by the Islamic world. It is time the Islamists help the Palistanian people. After all, they have all the petro dollars and we dont hear of them helping their very own people. We in the West rush to help every cause, so I think it is high time the Muslims started to care for their own. share their own lands and stop invading our lands. If everyone stays in their own back yard at least for now, take some of the heat out of the arguments, of course if there are any cool heads still within the Islamists – but we dont hear from them and I wonder why – If there are men of good will within the Islamist community, then for the love of God or Allah speak up now before we are all lost. Women of Islam speak up – surely you do not want to be dominated by this boys only religion. Get into the ground floor of your Mosques and pray if this is your wish, if it is your religion then you deserve equality. And Turkish women, in memory of the great Mustafa Kemal Attaturk, dont let this Islamist Government of Turkey deprive you of the birthright handed to you. If you lose it now, you may never get it back again in your lifetime. women of Attaturk – Fight to keep your freedom – he did it for you, dont let him down. Your sons are in his Army, speak out.

  6. DW says:

    Your name says everything: George C. Loony.

  7. Alex says:

    You should see the large kill the Arabs rallies in Israel.

  8. g-d the fagot jew deity says:

    I sure wish I could have been there. I think all day and dream all night of a world void of talmudic judao tenak toilet paper shit book jews so that for once all non jews can live in final and permanent world peace. Fuck all jews

  9. Their cannot be Justice without Peace,or Peace without Justice,its time to invade Isreal,tear it down and creat a seculare state in the Holy land for all,

  10. istambul says:

    I bet Muslims killed more Muslims than nobody did, through the history and today. But if a muslim kills a muslim it is ok isn´t it? You are full with hatred to Jews, to Christians, if not to moderate muslims, if not the other tribe. You always find something to hate and tear down.

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