Talk about snubbed!

In a gesture of contempt, President Barack Obama walked out of his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to have dinner in private.

Mr. Obama also refused to pose for photographs with the Prime Minister.

The rude reception Mr. Netanyahu encountered in the White House, according to The Washinton Post, was “unheard of.” a head of government to visit the White House and not pose for photographers is rare.

“It was awful,” a US congressman told the Post.

One Israeli newspaper called the meeting “a hazing in stages”, poisoned by such mistrust that the Israeli delegation eventually left rather than risk being eavesdropped on a White House telephone line. Another said that the Prime Minister had received “the treatment reserved for the President of Equatorial Guinea”.

Abandoned by Mr. Obama, Mr. Netanyahu and his aides gathered their papers and flow charts for a hasty return flight to Israel.

Mr. Obama’s statement of contempt was prompted by Mr. Netanyahu’s approval of new Jewish settlements in east Jerusalem – – an area that the White House wishes to bequeth to the Muslim Palestinians. “

Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, neglected to deny claims that the meeting amounted to a dressing down of Israel’s Prime Minister for his refusal to freeze new Jewish settlements – – a refusal which Mr. Obama believes is a stumbling block to Middle East peace negotiations.

Mr. Netanyahu has to try to square the rigorous demands of the Obama Administration with his nationalist, ultra-Orthodox coalition partners, who want him to stand up to Washington even though Israel needs US backing in confronting the threat of a nuclear Iran.

“The Prime Minister leaves America disgraced, isolated and altogether weaker than when he came,” the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz said.

B.Hussein.O in his element

Dining with terrorists

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  1. Therese says:

    Dining with terrorists or dancing with Satan Mr. President? I had such great hope for America when the American people voted for their first Black President. Now I am not so sure. I think we confused Mr. President with the great Martin Luther King. Now he has revealed himself to be either stupid or he and his Chicago mafia have a totally new agenda that embraces Islam at great cost to the American people. Iranian is very widely spoken in California, moreso than Mexican I believe and the silent takeover by Iranians of this state. The Shar of Persia and the Peacock throne may have been brutal as we have seen, but at least you could leave then. Now we see little girls being hung from the back of a truck. Women are stoned to death by angry mobs. I cannot imagine why and American president would sanction this behaviour. I suppose only his wife Michelle knows the answer to that question. One thing is for sure, this will never happen to his little girls. Compassion Mr. Obama? Not for Iranian women it seems. You seem totally in favour of Sharia Law.

  2. MoonshadowMuslimah says:

    Therese- how about compassion for the palestinian people? In another post you said the “islamists” should take care of them. You seem to be ignorant of the fact that christians too, suffer under the Zionist Tyrany. Thats right, when israel was turning gaza into rubble last year it wasnt just hamas and co. under attack it was the very “body of christ”

  3. John says:

    You have to draw the line somewhere, there is no rational discussion if you find that the discussions are always one sided. Israel has enjoyed many years of American support, yet in that time it has actually snubbed the world in its flagarant disregard for world condemnation of actions it has taken. Full credit to being snubbed, see how the cap fits when you are in isolation. We do not live in a world united but divided, time to wake up, this planet does not belong to thugs.

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  5. spongebob says:

    We have added another thug to the list. It appears he is from Chicago…

  6. PacMan says:

    Viva Obama!

  7. Mario says:

    Netanyahu is a war criminal. It is a shame he is allowed on US soil!

  8. Alex says:

    Boycott Israel Blood Diamonds!

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  10. Superstar says:


    Try and cool down your true anti Semitic beliefs.

  11. Edwin Rowe says:

    The photo of Obama with Arafat in the picture frame and the Palestinian flag is meant to send a signal to the Muslim world that Obama favors them over Israel. Look at his big grin. This image has been splashed all over the Arab and Muslim world. This was expected. Obama associated for years with radicals and Arabs who supported violence against Israel. Remember there are 25 Arab countries and only one Hebrew country. If an Arab country loses a war it continues to exist. It is nestled within the Arab world. If Israel loses a war its citizens face certain death at the hands of heartless enemies. It is an absolute lie that the muslimah tells when she implies Israel attacks Christians. Go to jihadwatch.org to see what Muslims do to Christians. Israel has protected all holy places and even donated land in the Galilee to Christian churches. I love Israel and I do not for one second believe the orchestrated Muslim propaganda against Israel.

  12. Buefordtj says:

    I commend President Obama on his snubbing. Aren’t Americans tired of being told what to do by foreign agents. Aren’t we fed up with Israel dictating our foreign policy. Aren’t we fed up with sending our sons & daughters to wars only Israel benefits from.

  13. Antonio says:

    Finally, an US president with some balls! Well done, Mrt. Obama!

  14. outsider says:

    The Palenstinians are merely the muslims’ toolsm this is undeniable. Remove the muslins from the equation and peace will be had, fact. Israel has bent backwards how far and how many times?? What has the muslims done to procure peace? If you DON’T follow slanted media, i.e. most every outlet in America, you’ll find the facts too. Do alil research! And don’t get me started on the marxist occupying our White House…….

  15. Rebecca says:

    God has promised to bless those that bless Israel. We have such a rich heritage in the US in Judea-Christian values. I think America should always remain an ally with Israel. It saddens me to see our president’s response to the Prime Minister.

  16. Hutch says:

    I totally agree with Edwin Rowe. Obama was definitely sending a warm message to his Muslim brothers, and a very cold one to the Jewish People. It is clear who Obama stands with. God Bless Israel and America.

  17. moonshadow says:

    israel bombs palestinian christians. This is fact! You are avoiding the truth when you say look at what muslima do. I was not denying the injustice in other areas. I am saying when Israel drops bombs or shoots at the palestinians, the weapons dont ask age, religion or political afiliation they just distroy.

  18. Jaime says:

    To the vanishing Americans,
    History is repeating itself. The liberals would let China come in and build a high speed railroad using their people. We already owe them $857 billion and that is growing by the interest each day. The only thing our government is doing is printing more unbacked money which acts like inflation to reduce the value of our homes, savings and retirement accounts. Now we learn of and Islamic Mullah in the Poconos aiding and abetting the Jihadist movement in America and most likely training terrorists. So what does our president do? Bow and kiss their touchies. We need to close all borders, eject all illegals, and run complete background checks on everyone that enters the USA. Will we do that? I doubt it. Not with a president who is tied to Islam.

    PIease read the articles at the end of this letter and make your own judgments. I know little about this place and person but if it is a valid piece of news we best be prepared for the fight of our lives. Let there be shame on our government for allowing any organization with ties to the Jihadist movement to exist within our borders. Or the borders of any contiguous nation like Canada or Mexico. Separation of church and state was never intended to foster or protect those that would violently push the over throwing of our country. It is time that the people of the U S A make a movement against this regardless of what the left leaning president does. When his left leaning extends far enough to cause a complete loss of balance let us hope that even his leftist supporter desert him and he topples like the straw man he is. Come November we need to unseat all incumbents that have moved to weaken our dollars, our country and tatter the Constitution. These socialist liberals have already begun to tear pages from our constitution and encroached on our states rights. Soon it will be too late and whatever we can and will do will be too little and too late. It reminds me of the song “Last thing on my mind” It is a lesson that is (almost) too late for the learning. Obama has made a sand castle of America and and if he continues the wind, rain and fire will reduce it to a pile of sand. Check out Genesis 47 we will end up in bondage to the Pharaoh. I think we know who that is.

    I think that when our entire economy falls the government will take over and we can gather together and sing “Sixteen Tons.” “Another day older and deeper in debt and I owe my soul to the company store.”

  19. Ken says:

    America will soon be destroyed to the extent that America will no longer be a world power. America will devolve into the hands of the globalists who already dictate to most nations on earth. Americans will be walking the streets begging for bread, sleeping in gutters and abandoned buildings and will be murdered on an unimaginable scale. Americans are too concerned about why Michael Jackson died than why their nation is being destroyed by people in their country who think nothing of killing and death. So sad. I wish it could be different, but Americans are slaves to their entertainment and food, and lendors.

  20. Ken says:

    Let it not be forgotten or even considered: ISRAEL WILL BE THE DOMAIN OF THE CHOSEN PEOPLE FOR ALL ETERNITY!!! Jerusalem the capital of Israel. What folly that the Jews, the descendants of Abraham would not look to their Maker and Redeemer Jesus Christ, but would think their safety depends on the broken reed of America with Obama, who may be the most evil President America has had, sitting in the White House. God help us!!

  21. Therese says:

    Is your wife named Barbie? Ken. I saw a gastly beheading by an American Islamist who was in charge in some kind of Islamic Friendly Society. Perhaps Barbie can rip your plastic head from your shoulders before you behead her. ouch! and haha

  22. Ken says:

    Still playing with dolls Therese? Time to grow up Therese, and learn how to spell and make sense. Spend a little less time in front of your TV and exercise your brain, OK sweeetie?

  23. Danny says:

    Surely you know that Isreal is GODs land, our Christian God. What you do to Isreal, God will do to you and your country. Obama is a Muslim and he loathes the United States. Obama is weakening this country deliberatly and is hell bent on destroying it. He is the biggest threat to this country that the United States has ever known… I read the news everyday in fear of what this monster had done now. Ill pray for Isreal.

  24. AmericatheBrave says:

    America has not lost and has not forgotten, she just neglected her garden for awhile. A friend writes on the Gulen and Islamic Terror issues.

    A famous experiment was once conducted that involved placing a frog in a kettle of water. Don’t know who ever thought up this experiment, but it serves as an excellent illustration. If the frog were placed in a pot of boiling water, the frog would immediately jump out so as not to be scalded. Then the frog was placed in the water while it was yet cool. As the frog sat contently in the water, the water was heated one degree at a time. The frog adapted to the gradual changes in temperature until it boiled to death!

    The Gulen Movement can be likened to that frog. Gulens followers sit nice and comfortably in their charter schools, while the leadership implements Turkish nationalism and Turkish pride within the student body. They will choose to build a charter school and grow it. Then pick the fruits of it and plant its seeds nearby and grows another.

    The fruits of money and self promotion is not in the ideals of some of these teachers. Many give back there own pay and at times voluntarily go with out to sacrifice for the movement. For the creation of another school. These Gulen schools are the only schools that are growing at an alarming rate. In this economy what other industries do you see expanding and replicating itself? The only plant in the garden that will grow with out nutrients and water is a weed.

    Like the frog in the kettle not aware of it the temperature one degree at a time, the flowering gardens of academia is being over ran by weeds choking the whole tree. If the American government cannot be strong enough to stand in and stop this spread of Gulen’s so called moderate Islam then we the parents and community could simply stop watering the weeds. Our children is the future of this country. This is your wake up call in world gone mad. Our countries future is only as good as the information we feed our children.

    The break down in modern education and family has allowed someone else to come in and do it for you. If you would never allow a Turkish Muslim flag to fly over your homes, then why would one cheer a child who dances and sings under one? Every year the shows get bigger and bit more bold. The schools grow and more and more children compete and sing and dance for Gulen for Turkish delegates, to entertain them for there amusement and not more for America and there own families. Our garden is full of weeds. I don’t blame them for invading our garden of children. I blame the farmer who has stopped caring for his children and his land. When he had stopped caring his children found another garden to play in.

  25. Albert says:

    I salute President Obama for snubbing Israel. Israel is nothing more than a shameless parasite that the U.S. is better off without. They take billions of dollars out of the U.S. and give absolutely nothing back to us. Let the parasitic U.S. jews support Israel with their own money. The repeated Zionist assertion that Israel is an ally of the U.S. is just empty shallow jewish propaganda. What has Israel ever done for the U.S. that makes them such a terrific ally? If I were given billions of dollars by someone and they asked for nothing in return, I would be their ally too. The old American-Israeli alliance benefits Israel only. Anyone who denies this is just a bold-faced liar. Israel needs the U.S. more than the U.S. needs Israel. Israel is a threat to U.S. sovereignty and a menace to the rest of the world, and the U.S. needs to stop funding the relentless Israeli war machine that murders innocent women and children.

  26. serra says:

    It is easy to talk for the people who don´t have any idea to live with terror 24/7, your kindergartens are not rocket fired by Hamas, or you are not covered by the neighbor countries all of whom want to wipe you from the map.
    Israel is the only democratic country in Middle East, at least this deserves respect.

  27. AmericatheBrave says:

    Bottom line, according to many political analyst it would be hard for Obama to be re elected without the support of the STRONGEST lobbying group in Washington the Israeli and Jewish (Yahudi) lobby.
    From a Russian Jewish lobby group:
    The Pro-Israeli Lobby Grows and Morphs Into A Policy Changing Force in Washington D.C.
    American Jews make up a mere two and a half percent of the United States population but have the strongest and loudest voice in Washington D.C. political sphere. They have attained this by way of the pro-Israeli lobbies. AIPAC, for example, is the most powerful pro-Israel lobby in Washington D.C. and ranked as the most influential entity on US foreign policy and relations. This influence would not have been possible without the strong Zionist movement that began to impact the United States government during World War II.

    The Zionist movement in the United States sought to create support for a single homeland for the Jewish people. After the establishment of the State of Israel, there was a clamoring of support for the young nation amidst a period of upheaval and conflict with the neighboring Arab countries. The founders and members of the early Zionist movements understood that the new state of Israel would face many an obstacle in the years to come and needed an ally in the United States.

    To help nurture and protect Israel, lobbies and programs were formed in Washington D.C. as a way of obtaining governmental support and attention for Israel. They set out to increase awareness and assure aid for Israel by appealing to Congress and bipartisan state representatives in Washington D.C. Most pro-Israel organizations and lobbies were formed as independent committees that aimed at securing the Israeli interest in American foreign policy of the Middle East. Out of this movement the relations between the United States and Israel solidified and transformed into one of amicable allies.

    As the most powerful lobby, AIPAC, for instance, has set up offices in eight cities, has developed remarkable contacts in the heights of the United States and Israeli governments, and has gained over 100,000 members with an annual budget of over fifty million dollars. The committee has become a dynamic and effective power in Washington because of the ardent and passionate supporters who donated funds, time, and most importantly, made it their mission to secure peace and support for Israel from halfway across the world.

    The pro-Israel movement has always laid out its core values and emphasized its position on strengthening the bond between Washington D.C. and Jerusalem through shared intelligence, foreign military, and economic aid to Israel. Judging from the facts, the lobbies have surpassed everyone’s expectations of this once grass-roots movement. Today, Israel receives almost $3 billion annually from the United States, and every top name in government has publicly taken a strong stand on the side of Israel in practically every foreign policy issue regarding Israel.

    As the root of its strategy, the pro-Israel lobby uses political advocacy as its most commanding weapon and makes it a point to be involved in legislative and strategy initiatives involving Middle East policy, securing foreign aid for Israel, and promoting tactical collaboration between the two nations.

    One of Israel’s most fervent supporters is the Christians United for Israel (CUFI), an organization started by John Hagee. It is a growing movement of Christian congregations, ministers, and individual members providing political and financial support for pro-Israelism. The main goal of CUFI is to educate and promote American support for the Israeli State. The organization holds seminars, gives delegates the opportunity to meet their representatives, and even hosts pro-Israel gatherings in Washington D.C. that include speakers such as Senator Joseph Lieberman. It is with the aid of organizations like CUFI and AIPAC that the Israeli cause has persevered and become as strong as it has.

    From the beginning, pro-Israel lobby leaders have understood that their strength lies in mass numbers of educated and knowledgeable supporters. By continually providing information and holding seminars featuring keynote speakers, the lobby has commanded the attention and support of policy makers that have become critical to the Israeli cause. The Israeli lobby continues to inform and educate its members on relevant Israel related news stories and enlighten its members on new policies, laws, and regulations that affect the U.S.-Israel relationship. The lobby has always revered and taken pride in the education of its members, and holds their intelligence in high esteem.

    With great success, the Zionist and Israeli cause in Washington D.C. has also had its share of criticism and controversy. In 1992, AIPAC president David Steiner was forced to resign after Haim Katz secretly recorded him discussing the true sway and power of the organization. In the recording tapes, Steiner is heard boasting of his influence on top U.S. government officials, especially the incoming Clinton administration, and his claim on exuberant sums of money.

    Among the most controversial political scandals to hit Washington D.C. came in 2004 when news broke of a possible spy relating classified information to AIPAC employees. It was revealed that the FBI had been conducting an ongoing investigation in the dealings of Lawrence Franklin, a Pentagon official working for the Department of Defense at the time. Franklin served as a policy analyst with ties to the U.S. Embassy in Israel. Franklin was indicted for violating the Espionage Act and conveying secret government information about U.S. forces in Iraq and intensely guarded specifics about Iran to Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman. At the time, Rosen and Weissman were employed by AIPAC, Rosen being the driving force behind the power AIPAC has become today. Franklin was sentenced to almost 13 years in prison and $10,000 in fines. Rosen and Weissman await their trial dates while top officials, such as Condoleezza Rice, are subpoenaed during the investigation.

    During the early days of the Zionist organizations, many counter-lobbies formed in Washington as resistance to the Israeli lobby. In the early 1970’s, surprised with the success of AIPAC, an Arab lobby was formed at the request of the King Saud of Saudi Arabia. The well-financed National Association of Arab-Americans (NAAA) asserted its position as the direct opposition to pro-Israel organizations in Washington D.C., but failed to receive the wide acclaim it had initially hoped for.

    AIPAC founder, Isaiah Kenen, described the Arab lobby as a “petro diplomatic complex,” focused on attaining the best-negotiated deals and indentures for oil companies in rich Arab countries. In comparison, the pro-Israel lobby was aiming to secure political support and aid for the safety of Israel, not business corporations. Another difference between the two entities is the manner in which they were financed. The Zionist organization received donations from members, and though in continuous and intimate contact with the Israeli government, it did not receive its major funding from the foreign state. The Arab organizations, on the other hand, were directly financed from the Arab oil corporations, and its staff members were a group of foreign diplomats, as opposed to the pro-Israeli lobby’s domestic staff.

    AIPAC’s supporters include such top names as President George W. Bush, President Bill Clinton, Senators Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton, and countless other high government officials. Speaking to a large gathering of AIPAC members, President Bush has commanded the organization on “educating Congress and the American people…speaking out on threats, understanding and warning against the evil ambition of terrorism…these ties have made us natural allies, and these ties will never be broken.” Indeed, the dedication of this organization has done the most to aid Israel with the support of American legislators and policy makers. Political analysts continually voice the power and sway AIPAC has on bettering and strengthening the relations between Israel and the United States.

    The pro-Israel lobby is an organization built on a shrewd and wise sense of optimism that could only be gained from unwavering dedication to a unifying cause: the support of Israel and U.S.- Israeli relations. There are many reasons why the lobby has been, and will be, as successful as it has. The organization has a very large and active membership of educated members that continually finance and promote the core cause the lobby stands for. Effective leadership, combined with a high degree of voting, has revolutionized the Israeli cause and has turned it into an American cause. This movement is a luminous example of the strength of participation, dedication, and activism.

  28. Albert says:

    Fortunately, President Obama is not afraid of the big bad Israeli lobby. If members of the Israeli lobby are so in love with Israel, then let them move there. The Israeli lobby does not represent the people of the U.S. and it acts in direct opposition to U.S. interests. Fortunately, more and more people no longer believe the lies and garbage they are fed by the zionist controlled U.S. media, and are starting to seek alternative, independent , and impartial sources of information. Finally, there is a President who had the guts to do the right thing by snubbing king Benjamin and putting the arrogant, racist and genocidal Israeli lobby back into it’s place.

  29. AmericatheBrave says:

    Try to have a sane and safe Middle east without Israel, there is a big difference between Zionists and the Israeli Lobbying groups, you need to make that distinction.
    To the Zionist they only want Israel for the Jewish faith and only the Orthodox sect. Many Christians have resisded in old Jerusalem for centuries like the Greek and Armenian quarters.
    The Zionist doesn’t like the Yemani Jews, or the Black Jewish tribe from Africa.
    Get your facts straight.
    Never underestimate the power of the Israeli lobby or it’s media.

  30. AmericatheBrave says:

    By the way you are aware that Obama’s right hand man White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel is very Jewish. His parents were born in Jerusalem. Rahm was in Israel in May celebrating his son’s bar mitzvah there.
    I doubt if Obama will turn his back on Israel, in the long run he needs them more than they need the USA.

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