One of the world’s largest Islamic organizations has issued a religious ruling stating that Muslims should feel free to marry prepubescent girls as young as six or seven.

Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) further ruled that Muslim men may have intimate relationships, including intercourse, with such young children “as long as they are able.”

The organization boasts a membership of 30 million throughout Indonesia, including Java, where President Barack Obama lived with his mother and stepfather, Lolo Soetoro.

Mr. Soetoro, who served as an army geologist and government relations consultant in Jakarta, reportedly remained a member of NU until his death in 1981.

Cholil Nafis, NU’s secretary of the committee for religious issues, made the announcement sanctioning pedophilia at the conclusion of the organization’s 32nd Congress.

Sacred Islamic verses, Mr. Nafis said, do not stipulate a minimum age for a young girl to marry or a certain age for connubial sexual activity..

“They can get married at any age, even girls who haven’t started menstruating,” he announced. “And they can have intimate relationships and intercourse, as long as they are able.”

Cholil said Islamic law only suggested that marriages would be better after a woman had her first period.

“As long as the objectives of the marriage are positive, it is allowed,” Mr. Cholil continued. “Mind you, we don’t encourage people just to get married to fulfill their desires, no.”

The edict drew immediate criticism from Komnas Perempuan (KP), the National Commission on Violence Against Women in Jakarta.

KP Vice Chairwoman Masruchah said the edict violates the Law on Child Protection, which defines children as being younger than 18 years old.

Girls can begin to have their periods as early as the age of 9, but their reproductive system is still fragile and they are “not ready to be a sexually active person,” Ms. Masruchah maintained.

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  1. Therese says:

    Is that a tear falling on the cheek of this little girl? Why is the child lifting her clothing and pointing to her genital area? Thank you for exposing this to the world and surely this must vindicate all those who doubt the validity of what we fear for these children. Now, what can we do?

  2. Brad@Burke says:

    What can we do? Pray

  3. Barbara Lee says:

    Disgusting perverts. I worked in Indonesia for several years and feel sorrow for the fate of any female born into their “traditions”

    Have a look at this:

  4. Therese says:

    Prayer I don’t think will do it Brad. These people are not people of peace as they claim. Their cult is a violent one especially to women and children. To call the Koran a holy book is the biggest laugh in the world. It is a document of perversion and instead of the circumcision of baby girls, they should start with the “Bobbit Cut” for boys at birth.

  5. spongebob says:

    The muslim god has always sanctioned this. Even Mohammed practiced this perversion. Yes it is a cult, yes it is violent, and yes it is deceitful to non-muslims. And no they are not peaceful when they plan for your destruction if you do not submit and become a muslim.

  6. MoonshadowMuslimah says:

    1.there Are Muslim Groups And Individuals That Speak Against F.G.M. 2. Therese What The HELL is wrong with you that you would advocate violence against a child of any gender. you are one Sick Freak

  7. lorean says:

    this extremist group is ignorant and primitive on so many levels….maybe this situation is what the CIA should be spending time dealing with…..religious cults used in the name of violence against children….someone should be dealing with wiping their behavior off the face of the earth…..

  8. tommy fuller says:

    wow! i really hope that this stuff is not true! if it is, who can defend this practice of abuse! i plead ignorance to Islam i have never really had the desire to understand this religion. i always thought it was just another way to worship god. i never had a fear of Muslims or Islam. but now i am having second thoughts. when i get a chance i will get a copy of the Koran and i hope it will be one that is an accurate interpretation of the Muslim holly book and try to be open minded.

  9. Patrick Schwarz says:

    Unfortunately, it is true. The local press often reports on Islamic clerics abusing under age girls under the pretext of relegion. As a father of three wonderful girls, whom I love dearly and who are so precious to me, it makes me sick to the stomach. I was married to a Muslim for 17 years, and after 20 years of living in the worlds most populous, tolerant, moderate and modern Islamic country, I had to come to the conclusion that there are NO tolerant, moderate nor modern Muslims, only dormant ones.

  10. Ruby Akhtar says:

    My birth place was Pakistan and alway’s been Christian.

    Islam is Evil and every muslim is evil indeed.

    Makind teach every muslim must kill Christians,Jews and rest of the Nation.

    We christian must join hand and show muslims that west belongs to Lord JESUS and his followers only.

  11. Teresa says:

    This is peadaphillia at its worst and its time for all the governments to wipe it out, unfortunately no one is doing anything about it, i feel if the christian muslims spoke out more about what they know, maybe someone would listen, this is now such a well known fact that its unbelievable it still goes on. we were too late with hitler, are we going to just stand by and let these peadophiles and murderers just carry on with thier barbaric laws and leave these poor children to carry on suffering this abuse..

  12. Dr Mumtaz Malik says:

    Assalamwalekum I M fine & u Allahkareem

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