Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the leading Islamic organization in Indonesia with 30 million members, sanctioned pedophilia this weekend at its 32nd Congress, ruling that Muslim men may marry prepubescent girls as young as six, and also gave its stamp of approval on female genital mutilation.

The NU clerics ruled that female circumcision should not only be viewed as “sunnah” or “recommended but should be made mandatory throughout the Islamic world.

Several of the Sunni clerics in attendance offered suggestions that midwives and handmaids should employ while conducting partial clitoridectomies.

“Don’t cut too much. Just cut the small skin on the tip of the clitoris. Otherwise, a woman would lose her sexuality, and you males don’t like that to happen, do you?” prominent cleric KH Mohammad Masyhuri Naim told a press conference.

Mr. Masyhuri, who is also a member of NU Suriah (lawmaking body), said that a proper female circumcision should not cause any damage to woman genitals. “No bleeding, if you do it properly.”

He suggested that circumcision should be conducted on a female baby at the age of 7 days.

The NU religious leader also took an example of mass female circumcision in Bandung in the past which had triggered opposition from many Islam communities, some of which then considered female circumcision haram.

“That was not a good example of the way to conduct a female circumcision. The bad thing was that the media had blown the issue out of proportion,” Mr.Masyhuri said.

Nahdlatul Ulama has been the authoritative voice of Islam in Indonesia since 1926.

Lolo Soetoro, President Barack Obama’s stepfather, reportedly was a member in good standing of this organization until his death of liver cancer in 1981.

Scores of cases involving the genital mutilation of infant Muslim girls have been reported in the United States in recent years. On March 15, 2010, a Muslim woman was arrested in Le Grange, Georgia, for performing a life-threatening clitoridectomy on her newborn daughter.

140 million Muslim women throughout the world have been subjected to circumcision – – almost all in primitive and unsanitary settings.

The National Women’s Health Information Center reports that preventing minors from undergoing FGM is hampered by problems “with cultural adaptation, immigration status, economic issues, isolation and access to education and healthcare services.”

The Center further states that remains unlikely that a girl or woman experiencing complications from undergoing female genital mutilation will receive health care “because the fear of legal repercussions would be too strong.”

Although female genital mutilation is illegal under federal law, only seventeen states have passed legislation that criminalizes the practice on minors and children.

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  2. Badger says:

    The remedy in the US should be to remove the head of the Penis from all males that are involved in mutilating the girl. Don’t disable the penis from being used to urinate, but otherwise make it useless. That will stop this crap dead in its tracks.

  3. OneOfTheMeek says:

    All religions are evil. Christian priests rape little boys. Jewish Rabbis encourage war crimes in Israel… End religion poison.

  4. OneOfTheMeek says:

    Badger — before belittling other cultures, start by reducing teenage pregnancy in your country.

  5. Patriot says:

    Oneofthemeek- maybe teenage pregnancy can be reduced by doing as the arab world and forcing little girls to marry filthy old men.

  6. Sabrina Deras says:


    Hoy al recibir este correo mostrándome parte de lo que el mundo se niega a ver, me ha dejado con un coraje y me ha inquietado aun mas porque me siento incompetente y casi sin fuerza para defender como se debe unas niñas que dentro de su inocencia, la misma que para esta hora seguro fue robada por estos que mal mente se llaman hombres, porque hasta el animal más sucio y malvado se sentiría ofendido por hacer una comparación con ellos… es indignante que en esta época se permita tal atrocidad, antes de dar mi comentario me di la tarea de hablar con gente de ese mundo tan cruel y me confirmaron que si es real tal atrocidad, y me aterra aun mas que los padres venden a sus hijas por un poco de dólares, no les importa el sufrimiento al que serán expuestas, sin ellas merecerlo.

    No es pecado ser mujer, pecado es pregonar ser salvo violando niñas…

    No a las bodas de niñas, no a la mutilaciones genitales…

    Según el embajador las niñas ahí expuestas son las hijas de las viudas, y me pregunto entonces ¿porque vestirlas de blanco y darles un ramo de flores de novia según la tradición eso solo se da a la novia? ¿En donde están las verdaderas novias según su declaración? ¿Por qué el viaje después de la ceremonia solo del novio y la niña? ¿En donde están los niños varones?

    Indignante en nombre del ejemplo que les dejo Mahoma de casarse a con una niña de 6 y violarla a las 9 porque eso es una violación quien a esa edad tiene conciencia de lo que es tener sexo. ¿Cómo se puede aceptar tal brutalidad?…

    ¿Cómo es posible justificar el pecado con falsas creencias?

    ¿Cómo olvidar las miradas de miedo, de dolor, de desesperación, de angustia de las llamadas esposas de estos criminales?

    ¿Cómo se permite tanto dolor en nombre de la religión?

    ¿Cómo un padre un hermano es capaz de mutilar sin piedad la honra, el cuerpo de una niña?

    Son más las preguntas que aun tengo pero si ustedes sabes algunas de las respuesta por favor díganmela.

  7. Scott says:

    I’d like to know why they are doing this. I heard a long time ago but can’t remember, something about controlling women I’m sure, but it’s obviously just something else they’re doing based on the rite of circumcision in the Old Testament.

    Islam is the greatest threat to world peace. Mohammad used both Christianity and Judaism as sources when he made up Islam. It is a convergence of the Bible and the BS of the old polytheistic cults that were in Mecca during his lifetime.

    IMO, Mohammad is obviously the False Prophet spoken of in the Book of Revelations, and all of the events in Revelations are referring to the coming war between Christianity and Islam.
    And I’m not afraid to say it, and let all of Islam here me now: Jesus Christ lives and is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and He is going to destroy your aberration and False Prophet, and all the followers of it, and I am ready to march Triumphantly with Him, when that day comes, when I see my Blessed Savior face to face, and hear these words from His very mouth, “But these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them in my presence.” Luke 19:27
    Hallelujah, yes my Lord, as You command.

  8. Un gusto saludarte, halle tu blog navegando en google y esta muy buena la informacion. De mi parte seguire entrando todos los dias a este blog. Saludos.

  9. Cássio says:

    We all are from the Western world, and we all believe these things to be wrong; genital mutilation and underage marriage should never happen in any civilized society. But there is one thing that must be very clear: these horrible acts do not happen in all Muslin countries, and I believe the regular Muslin feels as bad as we do about these terrible facts.

    There are four “grades” of FGM, and the text describes the “lighter” one :-0. Here, culture prevails over religion, and vested interests dressed as “tradition” is used to mutilate innocent children. A chocking reality fed by poverty and misinformation, but not by religion, I insist (international entities inform that most of this happen in poor sub-Sahara African countries).

    To put an end on this practices, I believe in education, human rights respect and in share of the country’s wealth. But, just like everybody in this blog, I may not have the entire picture and, as a result, the proposed solution might not be enough. In spite of that, I know war or conversion is not an option.

    Thank you all.

  10. Cássio says:

    Sorry, I forgot to indicate a good site with information on the subject:

  11. LMD says:

    Amen and amen Scott, the blind will see one time or another.

  12. Ahmed says:

    You’ll be surprised to learn that many western women are opting for Islamic female circumcision known as hoodectomy where only the prepuce of the clitoris is removed for greater cleanliness as well as an enhanced sex life (for more information please see

    I give below an interesting article on this subject for your information.

    There exist many ahadith or sayings of the Prophet to show the important place, circumcision, whether of males or females, occupies in Islam. Among these traditions is the one where the Prophet is reported to have declared circumcision (khitan) to be sunnat for men and ennobling for women (Baihaqi). He is also known to have declared that the bath (following sexual intercourse without which no prayer is valid) becomes obligatory when both the circumcised parts meet (Tirmidhi). The fact that the Prophet defined sexual intercourse as the meeting of the male and female circumcised parts (khitanul khitan, or in some narrations khitanain ‘the two circumcised parts’) when stressing on the need for the obligatory post-coital bath could be taken as pre-supposing or indicative of the obligatory nature of circumcision in the case of both males and females.

    Stronger still is his statement classing circumcision (khitan) as one of the acts characteristic of the fitra or God-given nature (Or in other words, Divinely-inspired natural inclinations of humans) such as the shaving of pubic hair, removing the hair of the armpits and the paring of nails (Bukhari) which again shows its strongly emphasized if not obligatory character in the case of both males and females. Muslim scholars are of the view that acts constituting fitra which the Prophet expected Muslims to follow are to be included in the category of wajib or obligatory.

    That the early Muslims regarded female circumcision as obligatory even for those Muslims who embraced Islam later in life is suggested by a tradition occurring in the Adab al Mufrad of Bukhari where Umm Al Muhajir is reported to have said: “I was captured with some girls from Byzantium. (Caliph) Uthman offered us Islam, but only myself and one other girl accepted Islam. Uthman said: ‘Go and circumcise them and purify them.’” More recently, we had Sheikh Jadul Haqq, the distinguished head of Al Azhar declaring both male and female circumcision to be obligatory religious duties (Khitan Al Banat in Fatawa Al-Islamiyyah. 1983). The fatwa by his successor Tantawi who opposed the practice cannot be taken seriously as we all know that he has pronounced a number of unislamic fatwas such as declaring bank interest halal and questioning the obligation of women wearing Islamic headscarves.

    At the same time, however, what is required in Islam, is the removal of only the prepuce of the clitoris, and not the clitoris itself as is widely believed. The Prophet is reported to have told Umm Atiyyah, a lady who circumcised girls in Medina: “When you circumcise, cut plainly and do not cut severely, for it is beauty for the face and desirable for the husband” (idha khafadti fa ashimmi wa la tanhaki fa innahu ashraq li’l wajh wa ahza ind al zawj) (Abu Dawud, Al Awsat of Tabarani and Tarikh Baghdad of Al Baghdadi). This hadith clearly explains the procedure to be followed in the circumcision of girls. The words: “Cut plainly and do not cut severely” (ashimmi wa la tanhaki) is to be understood in the sense of removing the skin covering the clitoris, and not the clitoris. The expression “It is beauty (more properly brightness or radiance) for the face” (ashraq li’l wajh) is further proof of this as it simply means the joyous countenance of a woman, arising out of her being sexually satisfied by her husband. The idea here is that it is only with the removal of the clitoral prepuce that real sexual satisfaction could be realized. The procedure enhances sexual feeling in women during the sex act since a circumcised clitoris is much more likely to be stimulated as a result of direct oral, penile or tactile contact than the uncircumcised organ whose prepuce serves as an obstacle to direct stimulation.

    A number of religious works by the classical scholars such as Fath Al Bari by Ibn Hajar Asqalani and Sharhul Muhadhdhab of Imam Nawawi have stressed on the necessity of removing only the prepuce of the clitoris and not any part of the organ itself. It is recorded in the Majmu Al Fatawa that when Ibn Taymiyyah was asked whether the woman is circumcised, he replied: “Yes we circumcise. Her circumcision is to cut the uppermost skin (jilda) like the cock’s comb.” More recently Sheikh Jadul Haqq declared that the circumcision of females consists of the removal of the clitoral prepuce (Khitan Al Banat in Fatawa Al Islamiyya. 1983).

    Besides being a religious duty, the procedure is believed to facilitate good hygiene since the removal of the prepuce of the clitoris serves to prevent the accumulation of smegma, a foul-smelling, germ-containing cheese- like substance that collects underneath the prepuces of uncircumcised women (See Al Hidaayah. August 1997). A recent study by Sitt Al Banat Khalid ‘Khitan Al-Banat Ru’ yah Sihhiyyah’ (2003) has shown that female circumcision, like male circumcision, offers considerable health benefits, such as prevention of urinary tract infections, cystitis and other diseases affecting the female reproductive organs.

  13. Jane says:

    sick bastards!

  14. Elisabeth says:

    Sorry, Ahmed, but your claim that female circumcision aids in cleanliness is invalid. The female genital tract continually cleans itself. There is no accumulation of fluids for females, except on undergarments. Therefore, only male circumcision can validly improve cleanliness.

    Your claims that sexual pleasure is increased is also widely dismissed by the medical community. There are many reasons why cultures claim circumcision is necessary, but sexual pleasure is not one of them. In fact, the majority of African female circumcisions completely remove the clitoris, making sexual pleasure at the very least improbable.

    It is interesting to me that while many people site your study to further their arguments, I could not find the study itself for my own review. I did, however, find studies that referenced hemorrhaging, shock, infection, the inability to pass urine, urinary tract infection (which you say is avoided, but in reality can be caused by unsanitary surgical conditions and by infibulation), and so forth. Obviously, infibulation causes the majority of severe health problems.

    The truth is that most female circumcision studies are small and lack a control. In societies where it is considered the norm, the problems associated it also become normalized.

  15. CAPT-DAX says:

    The New Testament tells how the Christians have to regard Islam. The apostle John wrote in his first letter, “Every spirit which does not acknowledge that Jesus has come in the flesh… is the spirit of the antichrist…” (1 John 2:18-23; 4:1-6).

    “We must therefore confess with all humility that the spirit in Islam is the spirit of the antichrist. Muhammad had heard much about Jesus, but, in spite of all, he denied the crucified Son of God.”

    Islam is no Religion,It’s an Evil Cult. That Women and Nonbelievers are to be forced into submision,and or be controled in every way..

    Even Mohamad himself was a Pedofile and Murderer..

  16. Dave says:

    Capt Dax: All religions are cults, no matter who or what rules them. All religions have their controlling aspects. Just calling Islam the antichrist tries to get control over christians to invalidate another religion, when their own is terribly inconsistent and contradictory (read: no more correct than any other). Christianity controls women in its own way, too, belittling them and keeping them in subservient positions.

    Ahmed: Attempting to support and defend this barbaric practice is nothing short of asinine. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    One of the meek: I suppose then that you support actual sexual education (as opposed to abstinence only ed) and birth control?

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  18. Rev. k8 says:

    First of all, people make religion evil. In this day and age where Christianity makes people cringe by the abuses of the church, and twisting of scripture- I chose this path, or it chose me…
    I’m not a member of a cult, I don’t care for organized religion, and therefore do not attend.

    I will leave the land of opportunity gladly to give others a voice around the world, who would other wise NOT have ONE.
    I am sickened by man’s inhumanity to man and woman. These are not God’s laws, these are mans twisted laws… we need to know the difference.
    I don’t care if you are Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist… doing the next right thing is merely common decency.
    Not doctrine. I will not teach words that condone what man is doing. I will teach about tolerance and love in its simplest terms.

    This act depicted here is heinous and a crime against humanity and ought to be regarded as such.

    Rev. KMW, D.D.

  19. mat says:

    As korean troops in ´nam, our troops in the middle east should castrate all fallen opponents who died in battle. That will denied them reaching heaven and their waiting virgins….bet no one will try to engage our troops.

  20. Kinae says:

    Circumcision, whether performed on a female or a male is Genital Mutilation.

  21. Dania says:

    Yo también estoy horrorizado de que estas perversiones son toleradas y tan ampliamente aceptada entre la sociedad. Parece que los niños nunca son niños, sino simplemente trajo a este mundo para satisfacer los deseos de estos dementes viejos tontos. Dios sea con estos pequeños y puede que los hombres que la cama del niño sea maldito.

  22. Moonshadow says:

    oh ahmed you are soooooooo wrong….i hope you are guided to propper understanding befor you have children. circ. for women is not fard!

  23. Hmmmm says:

    In reponse to those who claim to be too spiritual to attend the “system” or organized religion – Abdication is not sanctification or edification but rather self-glorification and pontification. If someone has the answers and does not actively participate to enlighten the brethren or reform the “organized religion” they are as much, if not more, a part of the problem than those they criticize.

    There are many anti-Christs even among people who use His name for Matt 7 says that many shall say they did many things in His name and He will cast them out as workers of iniquity for He never knew them. That there are false prophets and cults will not be an excuse for not seeking the truth when you stand before God. Of course, the devil and evil men seek to corrupt the message and cause confusion. Tares will be sown. There would be no need for zirconium if there was not a real diamond that was highly valued to copy. Each person is to seek the true treasure and to weed through and cast off the zirconium or fakes.

    There is one God and Jesus Christ is His son and perfect sacrifice for sin. He said you are either with Me or against Me. Therefore all that are not with Him are anti-Christs. Simple as that. Neither He nor did any of His apostles say that we should kill heretics or unbelievers. Paul said to reject, ignore, have nothing to do with them after the second admonition. The turth can handle adversaries and need not harm them. A lie must not have any detractors who might point out the lie.

    Let each believe as they will for they have free will but in the end God will show them their error if they have not been born again by faith trusting in the free gift of Christ’s sacrifice for their sins. All other beliefs are evil and evil will twist the Gospel and do evil in its name to keep people from salvation and Heaven. There is nothing evil in the message though evil messagers may abound.

    You have the right to not believe. My job and others like me is only to present the message clearly. After that, it is between you and God what you do with it. Accept or reject is fine but the goal is not have you try to use the escuse that you never heard when you stand before Him.

    Jesus is Lord and will come again and reign in Jerusalem. They will look upon Him who they have pierced and all nations will come and worship Him there. Your option is to be in the Kingdom as part of His Church and Bride or reject Him and be judged by your works. That will not turn out well for you if you choose judgment. If you are alive at the Rapture and not taken you will not have another chance contrary to the “Left Behind” series. Embrace Him as Savior or meet Him as Judge. His love wants you to choose Savior but if not, His righteousness and justice allows Him no other alternative but to be Judge.


  24. Why? says:

    Those who are indoctrinated and brainwashed are unaware that they are. There are also scientists who were employed by the Nazi’s who had a peculiar take on creating the Aryan race and likewise could produce scientific OPINION to validate that fact. Female genital mutilation serves the misogynistic aspects of Islam. It is female domination with a male justification that it is “for your own good”. It is an abomination against the god who created both men and women. Not against the ancient deity known as Allah.

  25. Sconibear says:

    First of all to Hmmmm, I don’t know what you got going on there or what it has to do with this topic, but preach on………whatever makes you happy.

    I personally am an atheist, but if this horrendous act is done in the name of religion, aren’t the people saying it’s OK to do, slapping their (insert deity of choice here) in the face by pointing out that although (insert deity of choice here) created humans, they clearly MADE A MISTAKE which must now be corrected with a scalpel? I thought (insert deity of choice here) was perfect and didn’t make mistakes which must now be corrected by man.

  26. Mother says:

    The point is God made Man and Woman in his image. How can you remove something because your religion tells you to when God himself put there?

  27. disgusted says:

    Oneofthemeek: I think it is HILARIOUS that you suggest reducing teenage pregnancy before crashing down on this religion, considering that they allow 6 year olds to get married, doesn’t that mean they’ll be knocked up, hell, even before they reach their teenage years?!? What’s the difference? That they would be married to perverted old men? I personally think this is another way for the islamics to control their women and show that they are nothing more than baby breeders…..

  28. jenn says:

    i dont agree with this at all but before we judge lets take a look at the way this country—the great United States of America does the same thing to baby boys!!! its ok to do to boys here but not in that country to girls (if done properly) (if there is a proper way to do that sort of thig)

  29. Mel says:

    As a woman and a parent of female children, I can not understand the mind set that would allow any 6 yr old to be married off to some THING that could do as it pleases with them…let alone take a knife or in some cases a rusty, dirty tin can top to their body. As a mother I simply couldn’t do it.

    I don’t care what they have been taught in their culture or religion, this is offensive on any level. To aprove of a man having sex with a child sickens me. The damage done to the child’s body alone, not just emotionally is enough to stop this disgusting behaviour.

    I am tired of culture, religion etc always being the bloody excuse for men to keep women down.

    As for any kind of circumcision boy or girl….why don’t we leave it for the poor child to decide? Wait until they are old enough to understand and make an informed choice

  30. Muslim men sound like a pack of wild dawgs……..

    Not one to judge, but I expect GOD is not happy about how these BASTARDS treat women….

    Islam is a RELIGION? Think these cats have been drinking the KOOL AIDE ..

  31. Alan S. says:

    Islam has truned into a sick religion. The more you learn about it the more you hate it. You treat your women like they are worthless and make them wear burkas in the hot sun, yet you screw prostitutes (remember the 9-11 bastards). Islam is the scum of religion.

  32. RKS says:

    Islam has not ‘turned into a sick religion’.

    It has always been a sick religion that was founded by a cold blooded murdering thief and pedophile.

  33. Ruki says:

    You better say nothing if know nothing. Because it just will show you that you are nothing.

  34. Jess says:

    Here in our perfect western world we think we have everything right. While I do not agree with the parctice of female circumcision there are plenty of things here in my own coutry that I absolutely do not agree with like abortion and capital punishment which are both practices that kill people at least the people east of us aren’t killing innocent babies just because careless women are willing to lay down and get some but not accept the responsibility that comes with having sex. We really have no room to judge anyone we also allow bad things to happen to children.

  35. Candace says:

    ‘140 Muslim women throughout the world have been subjected to circumcision – – almost all in primitive and unsanitary settings.”

    This has to be a typo…..surely they mean 140 million or thousand.

  36. Surely hygiene is more compassionate…what a lie, their piety.

  37. Lama says:

    wow.. intense discussions.. let me make several things clear… people need to wake up.. yes these things happen.. and you don’t know how badly people like me are trying to put an end to this.. This is not Islam, this is a cultural practice… there has been thousand of Muslim clerks that go around in Egypt and North African Countries to stop this practice..
    One of the many conferences :…/ethiopia-fgm-workshop-for-religious-leaders.doc

    It is sad and horrible to see but again like every country, and religion .. Its a work in Progress…

    this could add to you research.. again its not the absolute truth but research..


    let’s not point fingers at religion…

    Its all about immoral practices of which existed in all religions.. we are looking at a minority .. so let’s not blame the bus driver for the Ride…

    Its funny when all eyes are on Islam :

    With Jews : they wear a heard scarfs when they pray…
    With Chirstian: The nuns cover their hair.
    With Islams they cover their hair too..

    All are religious women… Freedom of choice…I’ve lived in Saudi Arabia and i was required to wear the headscarf and black dress.. and honestly i didn’t mind it because Saudis are still beddiuns and they come from a tribunal community and its their culture..

    These are not Islam in essence but meer practices of cultures that use religion to get their way.. Religion since the Days it came to earth was used to control the masses.. it takes the smart ones .. to take a step back.. study history.. and notice that..

    It takes empowerment to women to enforce change.. and the Time will come in the middle East and i hope Indonesia too…

    to me at least the message is clear about the Old and New Testament and the Qura’an … its one message : One God… and all his messengers… What happened 2,000 years ago or 1,500 years ago… those little details .. personally don’t apply nor give meaning to my life.. We are all born with ethical virtues.. but again to each ..his own….. Practice whatever u wish to practice .. believe in whatever you want to believe but don’t go labeling cultures and people and religion.. Research people… Ignorance is a bliss but Knowledge is power…

    Good Luck to everyone .. and relax.. break away from all the misconceptions… and search for your own truth


    ‘The Birth of Childhood’…in response. It’s difficult to imagine that
    the Islamic culture was once both enlightened and matriarchal—so long ago.

  39. In short, bullshit…it’s just perversion. Even in a woman it doesn’t increase pleasure not create more cleanliness.

  40. Ahmed says:

    Hey sis

    Why not get a hoodectomy and then talk. Trust me it works. Thousands of women can testify to it. It’ll help keep your clit clean and free of smelly smegma and prevent diseases such as UTIs and cystitis to which many uncircumcised women fall victim. It’ll also enhance your sexual response and lead to a better sex life. Just try it and you’ll see the difference !

  41. Jasmin says:


    Muslims quote this verse from the New Testament to argue that the Lord Jesus taught that Christians should kill people who do not want to believe in Him:

    Luke 19:27
    But those mine enemies who did not want me as king over them, to bring them here and chopping them down before my eyes.

    If we read the verse in its context will we discovered that the Lord Jesus speaks in a parable about what will happen on Judgment Day. On Judgment Day the Lord Jesus will bring together people and judge each person according to what he has accomplished during his life. All will have the appeal that he has earned. This clearly demonstrates that the opinion of the Lord Jesus in verse 27 is not about today’s Christians to kill non-Christians, but on the Day of Judgment in the form of a parable. Muslim deliberately ignores verse context in order to be able to argue their case. No sensible person would argue that the Lord Jesus in Luke 19:27 calls on Christians to kill people who refuse to become Christians if one takes into account the context.

    God is LOVE and he loves even Muslims. Please, don’t forget it that they are just victims of theirs religion. Mohamed blocked theirs brains.

    Please, listen to brother Rashid, former Muslim :

    Millions of Muslims are leaving Muslims every year, so there is big hope, unfortunately thousands of Muslims are now moving to Europa, and mostly of them when they start to read Koran, Islamic books, they start to be violent and act like fundamentalists.

  42. Look at what your doing!! says:

    Another act of violence on the the purest and most innocent. Disgust runs through my veins….

  43. Therese says:

    Hello Ahned Abi,

    why dont you get a tonguectomy and keep your filthy trap shut. Pervert.

  44. nihal says:

    With Jews : they wear a heard scarfs when they pray…
    With Chirstian: The nuns cover their hair.
    With Islams they cover their hair too..

    Jews and Christians are wearing them during the pray or if they choose it as a life style. A nun would never force to break any kind of law in the country.

    Muslim women´s head scarf is nothing more than the symbol of their ideology, to think that it is freedom of choice is the first step to loose YOUR freedom of choice. It is against gender equality that is that clear.

  45. Ralph says:

    For those that belive that “Christ” didn’t die on the cross for our Sins and was the “Son of God” and Ascended to the Right Hand of God… You will all be punished in Hell Fire…

    Your so called Prophet Mohammad??? Was a Killer, Murder, Terrorist, and a child molester… How Great Is That!!!

    Follow the Devil and Burn in Hell…

  46. Ralph says:

    Muhammad broke every one of the 10 commandments making him a wicked sinner…

    AND; You follow a Sinner???

  47. Ralph says:

    WICKED, Wicked, wicked…. Perverted and you all will answer to God in the Day of Judgement….

  48. Ralph says:

    All Girle are under 10 years of age. Some are 6 years old… Is this religion? OR Just Muslim Pedophiles… Perverted IDOTS that Follow The So Called Prophet Mohammad…. BURN IN HELL!!!

  49. NY Latina in TX says:

    I never imagined that I go as far as replying to something on here, however, I just feel a need to say that “Religion”(no matter which one you are) is just a name, it really doesn’t mean anything. Of course if someone asks me what religion my religion is, I tell them that I chrianstian. But, what good am I as a christian if I don’t follow GODS word? The bible is Gods word, it was, is and will always be our guide to the truth. Consider the bible your handbook, your owners manual…. if you want to get through this life and you want to go in the right direction then follow it’s words. Don’t forget that at the end of all this that it’s Jesus who wins! Justice will be his. He will put a stop to all this! so all of these ugly acts that are taking place in this world, someone will have to answer to God for it! there is no hidding from him.

  50. Ahmed says:

    In contrast to those who say that female circumcision (hoodectomy) affects women’s sexual pleasure, there are many research studies proving that it actually improves the sex life of women. The latest is the recent study Orgasmic Dysfunction Among Women at a Primary Care Setting in Malaysia. Hatta Sidi, and Marhani Midin, and Sharifah Ezat Wan Puteh, and Norni Abdullah, (2008) Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, 20 (4) accessible which shows that being Non-Malay is a higher risk factor for Orgasmic Sexual Dysfunction in women, implying that Malay women experience less problems in achieving orgasm than non-Malay women. As you know almost all Malay women in Malaysia are circumcised (undergo hoodectomy) in contrast to non-Malay women who are not. This would suggest that hoodectomy does in fact contribute to an improved sex life in women rather than diminishing it as some argue.

  51. Maria says:

    I cannot even begin to imagine why anyone,other than those who are completely out of their minds, could even relate this horror to any kind of religion. The God, Supreme Being I know of is ALL LOVE, in spite of some human’s (can that word be used to name these people) total and complete stupidity, lack of feelings or of anything that can redeem them as human beings. This must be stopped, I am not prone to violence but I tend to agree with Badger let these men get a taste of their own medicine and lets see how they react.
    To the fool Ahmed no one has the right to infrige in the lives of anyone else, God gave us the liberty to chose what to do with our lives, as far as your “research” on sexual pleasure as a way to excuse this horror, I woud like to see you under the knife I canonly describe you as a completely sick person.

  52. Ahmed says:

    You’re so blind Maria. None are so blind as those who refuse to see, especially when the evidence is right before them. There is so much scientific literature today available on the benefits of hoodectomy and still you refuse to see. Still you refuse to see that there is a difference between Islamic female circumcision, in other words, hoodectomy (removal of the prepuce of the clitoris) and the other barbaric forms of female genital mutilation. It seems you have a problem with your intelligence. And this I also glean from your hate speech stating that I should come under the knife.

    For your info I came under the knife when i was circd at the tender age of 10 years and could see its benefits in improving my genital health first hand. My wife came under the knife of her own will when she was well past 20 years and tremendously enjoys its benefits. She tells me to convey to you the news that she is totally satisfied with her hoodectomy, enjoys sex better now and wants you to try it out as well. Just try it out and then talk. I’m sure your frustration (sexual frustration as a result of an unfulfilled sex life) -I gather you are from the kind of words you use -will disappear as well.

  53. antonio pereira says:

    you fucking fricks!!!

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