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  1. John says:

    Bullshit, Israel killed so many Palestinian because they are weak and cant fight Israel, this video is bullshit and part of Israeli propaganda, Micheal savage is an A** H*** and an Israeli Agent who is trying to brain wash American people because he himself is a JEW.

  2. Edwin Rowe says:

    Thanks for the video. Israel is truly an amazing country. All the hatred of the Muslim world always works against them and only makes Israel stronger. If their stone hearts would soften Israel would help them in many ways. The Mideast would become a paradise. But the Arab world chooses death and hatred, at least so far.

  3. jack nichols says:

    john, i can see that you are a fool. so what if mike savage is a jew? G-D himself must be a jew because his son Jesus is a jew. the entire bible was written by jews. not palistinians, not muslims, all jews. israel was given by G-D himself to the jews, BTW his chosen people. before you pour out your foolish rubbish, and show the world what a stooge you really are. you should consult you bible, that is assuming that reading is not above your intellegence ability. if these 7th century muslims didn’t want to kill everybody the middle east would be a safe place. i am not a jew but i certainly understand the importance of judism and what the jews have contributed to the world. they want to live in peace, in the rightful land that G-D gave them.

  4. Sam Franks says:

    Happy Birthday Michael Savage!

    I listen to you everyday, you are the best.

  5. outsider says:

    An interesting and moving clip.

  6. Therese says:

    Well, once again the Muslim world will not care for their own people. Many women and children are suffering and this is the reason why the Muslims don’t give a continental about them. In Indonesia when it was hit by the Tsunami, who was the first to help them and is still helping them rebuild and put in place schools and medical facilities – it ain’t the Muslims brother. They never help their own. The West is kept poor with caring for the invasion of Islam on all our world. Stay home, make your own country better Islam, just as we all had to do. If you want something in this world you must be prepared to fight for it.

  7. MoonshadowMuslimah says:

    Once Again Therese Has No Earthly Idea What Is Going On In The Real World

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