Jihad group claims “credit” for Moscow bombings

by sheikyermami on April 1, 2010

Big surprise. Note that he says that these attacks were “revenge.” Jihad attacks are always framed as revenge, because from the standpoint of Islamic law only defensive jihad is justified at this point — also, to frame mass murder in this way helps take the sting out for sympathizers to the cause who may be stopped short by the barbarity of attacks like these. “Islamist group claims Moscow bombings,” from World News Australia, April 1;via JW

Usman is behind the “brides of allah“ homicide bombings which killed 39 people and injured 70.

READ THE REST AT “The Winds of Jihad”

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2 Responses to Jihad group claims “credit” for Moscow bombings

  1. Therese says:

    Now, listen up all Western Governments – France is banning the obnoxious wearing of the Hijab worn in that country and thank you for this lead to the French government. This dress needs to be abolished in every Western Country. They are quite at liberty to wear this in their own lands, so please do so and stay there. We are not stopping anyone from practicing their faith mad or not. Just keep it in your own land. The wearing of these Harpie garments is a security risk to all of us and we have a situation now where catholic nuns are being screaned by the new xray machines at airports and the ones for which it is intended to protect us from i.e. “bombs in their undies” idiots, their women are crying foul and allowed to go unhindered. If you can blow up a plane with the contents of your undies then you can probably blow up a small town with one woman carrying the full payload under that black old testament garb.

  2. moonshadowmuslimah says:

    Hey Therese, Your Stupid Is Showing! Modest Clothing Is Expected Of Pious Christians Too! You Want To Run Around Near Naked Thats Your Choice But Dont Try To Force Others To Do The Same

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