Virginia politicians invited to fundraiser for radical Islamic Center

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3 Responses to Virginia politicians invited to fundraiser for radical Islamic Center

  1. Dymphna says:

    Virginia politicians?? One of those who signed up is the current CHAIRMAN of the Democrat National Committee…he’s the ex-guv of VA but he’s moved on to bigger things.

    This mosque had another fund-raiser about six weeks ago for a convicted terrorist who was found guilty in 2005 and is still appealing the verdict. Evidently these guys are connected to LeT, which is considerably more dangerous than al Qaeda — e.g., Headley took his orders from them and he was involved in the Mumbai attack and the plan to kill lots of Danes for their role in the MoToons.

    Just like Sheikh Jilani of the Jamaat-ul-Fuqrans, these guys are Pakistanis. That is where the real problem is, including Pakistan’s ISI.

    Here’s my post (with the same video from CSP) on some aspects of the problem:

    There are lots of J-u-F posts on our sidebar. So many in fact, that I’d like to get some security for our home. They’re scary people.

    Marty Mawyer from the Christian Action Network did a brillilant movie on these guys. He flew over the compound in Red House and took pictures, something that law enforcement cannot do legally. Of course he wears a bullet-proof vest (he’s courageous but he does believe in protecting himself).

  2. Yes,,,Marty is our friend, and I wrote his brochure.


    Flying over is hardly the same as spending a day with the denizens of RedHouse, Islamberg, Commerce, or Dar Al Hijra.

    Don’t believe me…ask Marty.

  3. Sheila C. says:

    Would someone please tell me why Islamic organizations in America are being allowed to raise money to send back to terror organizations in the Middle East??? Does anyone find it strange that our enemy is allowed to be here at all?? We are at war with these people.

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