Where have the jihadis gone? Return to Islamberg


Paul L. Williams, Ph.D., returns to Islamberg, New York:

Islamberg resembles a ghost town.

The Muslim settlement captured national attention two years ago when a story entitled “Springtime in Islamberg” appeared in Atlas Shrugs, Canada Free Press, and other news pages. Since the publication of this expose, Islamberg became an item of interest for ABC News, Fox News, CNN, and other national news outlets; a subject of attention by such best-selling authors as Robert Spencer and Brigitte Gabriel; and the centerpiece of a documentary by Christian Action Network.

But much has changed within this 70 acre Islamic settlement that is located in the dense forest between the small rural villages of Deposit and Hancock in upper New York State.

The sentry post is gone and no guards are in sight.


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2 Responses to Where have the jihadis gone? Return to Islamberg

  1. Me says:

    Wonder how long it’s been since this little organization went MIA? This is where they have the terrorist training camps isn’t it? Where they teach women to behead their victims?

  2. Me says:

    You can guarantee they haven’t left the good ‘ol US of A.

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