Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

Sheikh Mubarik Gilani, the founder of Islamberg and other Jamaat ul-Fuqra paramilitary compounds throughout the country, claims that he and the residents of his compounds are victims of “false accusations and horrendous lies.”

Gilani further says that he has initiated legal action against the Christian Action Network (CAN), which produced a documentary about the ul-Fuqra camps, to check “their illegal activities.”

The imam, who resides within a fortress in Lahore, Pakistan, maintains that CAN has been working “around the clock” to bring about “a clash between Muslims and Christians in the U.S.A.”

But Martin Mawyer, president of CAN, maintains that he has never received legal notice from Gilani or any of his associates.

Mawyer says that he wants Gilani to sue his organization so that CAN can gain access to the internal documents of the organizations from which Gilani operates in the U.S., including The Muslims of the Americas, The International Quranic Open University, and Jamaat ul-Fuqra (community of the impoverished.

In a long, rambling letter, Gilani also compares himself to Saddam Hussein, whom he sees as an innocent victim of Zionist aggression.

The controversial imam further argues that Osama bin Laden and members of al Qaeda took no part in the attacks of 9/11 – – attacks, which he insists, were conducted by sinister Israelis.

According to Gilani, the Israelis engineered the 9/11 attacks to divert the world’s attention from “the cold blooded murder of thousands of Muslim men, women, and children in Palestine at Sabra and Shatilla.”

The American people, the Islamic leader proclaims, remain “the virtual slaves of the Zionist world order.”

Regarding the reports of this investigator, Gilani says that “Paul Williams never set foot in Islamberg” and his other compounds.

But photographs from this reporter prove otherwise. They provide evidence that training in guerilla warfare takes place at his compounds; that the compounds have elaborate underground bunkers; and that bodies are buried on the Gilani properties.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, under Gilani’s leadership, has been involved in more terror attacks on American soil (thirty and counting) than all the other terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda and Hezbollah, combined. It has and sponsored assassinations, kidnappings, mass murder, grand theft, and fraud. It was largely responsible for the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center.

Associates of this organization include Clement Rodney Hampton-El (who took part in the 1993 WTC bombing), blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (who engineered the 1993 attack), Richard Reid (“the shoe bomber”), and John Allen Muhammed, the Beltway Sniper.

In December 1993, Gilani became an honored guest at an international gathering of jihadis at the residence of Hassan al-Turabi in Khartoum. The meeting attracted leaders of al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the Popular and Democratic Fronts for the Liberation of Palestine. In the midst of the proceedings, Sheikh Gilani and Osama bin Laden were caught on film chanting, “Down, down with the USA!” “Down, down with the CIA,” and “Death to the Jews.”

The film, which remains in the “Alec File” – – the CIA’s file on bin Laden, proved empirical proof the close ties between the leaders of ul Fuqra and al Qaeda.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Just cross posted. Wouldn’t that be juicy, to get access to their documents!

  2. Therese says:

    Hi Debbie, do you think they can write? This is one of their most powerful tools within their communities, keeping them dumb, and illiterate and dont teach them to read and write. I saw plenty of this in Turkey in the back blocks fathers keep girls home from school which is against the law, and dad sits down with his glass of whatever and supervisors the women. The boys learn Arabic so they can read the Koran, and of course at an early age they learn how to use guns and slit throats and they practice on goats and lambs.
    The result of the little girls not learning to read or write, I have friends there whose mothers could not answer the phone in the apartment because they could not write down the phone numbers or take a written message. This is a moderate Islamic society, but Erdogan is about to change this.

    But to another matter These men of the “Religion of Peace” overnight sent in two suicide bombers into a camp for displaced men, woman and children killing many people. How can they do this to their own people. No prize for the answer to this. These poor people had been to hell and back already, then this. We all have to boycott their businesses, dont go into a shop with anyone wearing the hijab. Dont eat Kebab or other middle eastern foods. Cripple them financially until they and our governments understand we did not invite them into our countries. dont buy Halal products for companies who go down that road. Nestles is one of them.

  3. moonshadow says:

    “sliting throats which they practice on goats and lambs.” therese you halfwit this is how the animals are slaughterd for the sake of food. This is similar to kosher slaughter…d@mn girl do you suffer from brain damage?

  4. The photographs should make Gilani’s law suit a dead end. At least, I hope so!

  5. Ejaz says:

    I believe every word Therese said at 11:41pm.
    Therese, is it true that in Turkish villages it’s common for fathers to kill their daughters for all kinds of reasons, such as marrying outside of the parent’s choice for them?

  6. moonshadow says:

    ejaz you are just as touched in the head as therese

  7. Ejaz says:

    Dearest Moonshadow,
    Any time you’d like to wake up it’s okay with us.

  8. istanbul says:

    Dear Ejaz

    Yes unfortunately it is true, as an example just last february a 16 year old kurdish girl named Medine´s dead body was found buried in a hole in the backyard of her house, later they found out her father and grandfather buried her alive, her hands were tied up, and her guilt was talking with the boys.

    Sadly, especially in south east of Turkey these things are happening.

  9. Ejaz says:

    Moonshadow, where arest thouest?
    How about being a man, and admit to being wrong
    for the first time in your life.
    You are being given a wake-up call.
    Hope this is okay with you.

  10. Joseph says:

    ejaz you are just as touched in the head as therese

  11. Sarah says:

    ejaz you are just as touched in the head as therese

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