Part One


Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

Goodbye, Judeo-Christian America.

Court transcripts show that Fethullah Gulen and his vast empire of radical madrassahs (religious schools) which stretch from coast to coast is supported by the Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. State Department.

This evidence came to light during the proceedings in the Eastern District Court in Philadelphia where Gulen applied for permanent resident alien status.

His application was accompanied by a letters of endorsement from former CIA Deputy Director Graham Fuller, former Under Secretary of State Marc Grossman, and former Ambassador to Turkey Morton Abramowitz.

The letters are telling and show that Osama bin Laden’s hope for a universal caliphate ruled by sharia (Islamic law) is not an idle pipedream.

The dream is becoming a reality in Turkey – – thanks to Gulen, who remains sheltered in the U.S.A, and operates with the blessings of the Obama Administration.

Gulen fled to the United States from his native Turkey in 1998 to avoid prosecution on charges that he was attempting to undermine Turkey’s secular government with the objective of establishing an Islamic government.

Since his arrival in Pennsylvania, the Department of Homeland Security has been trying to deport him.

But the federal court, thanks to the letters of endorsement, ruled in favor of granting Gulen permanent residency status.

The ruling maintained that the Turkish scholar was an individual with “extraordinary ability in the field of education” who deserved the shelter and protection of the American government.

The ruling remains quizzical since Gulen received scant formal education.

Gulen has been called the “most dangerous Islamist” in the world.

He has amassed a fortune – – thanks, in part, to the CIA – – of $25 billion.

This money has been used to transform the secular government of Turkey into an Islamic Republic under the Justice and Democratic Party (Adalet ve Kalkinma, AKP)- – a party under the Gulen’s control.

Abdullah Gul, Turkey’s first Islamist President, is a Gulen disciple along with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Yusuf Ziya Ozcan, the head of Turkey’s Council of Higher Education.

Under the AKP, Turkey has transformed from a secular state into an Islamic country with 85,000 active mosques – – one for every 350- citizens – – the highest number per capita in the world, 90,000 imams, more imams than teachers and physicians – – and thousands of state-run Islamic schools.

Despite the rhetoric of European Union accession, Turkey has transferred its alliance from Europe and the United States to Russia and Iran. It has moved toward friendship with Hamas, Hezbollah, and Syria and created a pervasive anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, and anti-America animus throughout the populace.

Gulen has also established thousands of schools throughout central Asia and Europe.

According to Bayram Balci, a Turkish scholar, the Gulen schools seek to expand “the Islamization of Turkish nationality and the Turification of Islam” in order to bring about a universal caliphate ruled by Islamic law.

Because of their subversive nature of these institutions, these schools have been outlawed in Russia and Uzbekistan.

Even the Netherlands, a nation that embraces pluralism and tolerance, has opted to cut funding to the Gulen schools because of their imminent threat to the social order.

But Gulen’s 85 schools in the United States which advance the establishment of a New Islamic World Order have received little national attention.

Gulen resides on a 28 acre mountain fortress in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania.

He remains surrounded by an army of over 100Turkish Islamists, who guard him and tend to his needs. Members of the army, who wear suits and ties rather than traditional Islamic garb, refrain from marrying until age fifty per Gulen’s instructions. When they do marry, their spouses are expected to dress in the Islamic manner, as dictated by Gülen himself.

The Saylorsburg property consists of a massive chalet surrounded by numerous out buildings, including recreational centers, dormitories, a helicopter pad, and firing ranges.

Neighbors have complained of sounds of gunfire from fully automatic weapons within the compound and the presence of a low flying helicopter that circles the area in search of all intruders.

What is so extraordinary about the letters in support of Gulen?

Why do these letters provide proof positive that an alliance has been formed between the political hierarchy of the United States and radical Islam?

Stay tuned.

The answers are coming tomorrow.

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  1. Therese says:

    Geert Wilders,

    The voice that was crying alone in the wilderness.

    Thank heavens more and more European nations are seeing the light. Perhaps they saw the light for a long time, but with the fortitude of Geert Wilders it has given strength to the cause. Let us all hope this is the turning of the tide.

    Europeans generally have good manners and good values. Not the dreadful culture and society of the Moslims who are desert bands of killers and thieves. They have ruled not only the countries around them by the sword, but their families as well. BUT push us too far and you will see another side of our character. We put up with Mr. Hitler and his gang of thugs (and he is highly admired by Islam) but in the end he is is no more. Always watch the silent cat when it moves it tail, just before the kill.

    Keep the momentum going, our future depends on it.

  2. istanbul says:

    Dear Therese,

    This radical islamists didn´t appear in Europe in one day. I was living in a small Anatolian city and i didn´t see any hijab or burka wearing women in the town, until a woman who was a stranger and totaly in black burka (in turkish it is tent) appeared in the district in 1988. She came from Germany, she was a German Turk, trained in Germany and sent to Turkey to influence especially the kids and uneducated women, she was trained by “Kaplan”.
    She and her family was not working so we were wondering how they make their living. Then we learned….
    Have a look

    Europe got mass immigration of Turks in 1960s, they were mostly workers, they came to Germany, Holand, France etc, as workers, they were uneducated and they easily fell down in the hands of Islamists. The European governments didn´t care much what they were doing, later when everything was too late – because they didn´t leave and the coming generations got even wilder (with crime etc) – they started to use them for their votes. That is why in Europe, as they do always, they hide behind democracy and if you say “hijab is against woman rights” you can be called fascist.

    Do you know that in Turkey by law Hijab or Burka or any Islamic extreme outfit is forbidden in public areas ? But since the Turkish government is an Islamic Party (whose roots are grown in Europe) you cannot wait the state is obeying the laws.

    Europeans, Americans, the civilized western world left the Turkish liberals alone. Don´t forget everybody has a share in this problem.

  3. Turkish4Life says:

    Dr. Williams everything you are saying is truthful. However, it didn’t start with Obama……it started with Hillary and Bill Clinton who profess to be friends of Gulen. Hillary is very special friends with the Turkish Coalition of America and is frequently their guest of honor.
    As a result the state department is very locked into promoting Gulen ran American schools and our Tax dollars pay for this.

    Above is one of Hillary’s video’s talking warmly to the TCA, note that the recording was paid for by tax dollars from the Senate Recording studio

    Bill Clinton’s speech on Gulen’s contribution to the world.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Those of you, who are really looking forward to learn the facts about Fethullah Gulen and the Gulen Movement can visit the following links to get accurate information.
    Fethullah Gulen Movement
    Fethullah Gulen

  5. Anonymouse says:

    Also, Bush’s government funded and supported Gulen the organisation. That’s why, AKP government always had close relationship with Bush government even with ambush of American soldiers in Turkey borders’ bunkers.

  6. Fethullah Gülen is an authoritative mainstream Turkish Muslim scholar, thinker, author, poet, opinion leader and educational activist who supports interfaith and intercultural dialogue, science, democracy and spirituality and opposes violence and turning religion into a political ideology. Fethullah Gülen promotes cooperation of civilizations toward a peaceful world, as opposed to a clash:

    “Be so tolerant that your bosom becomes wide like the ocean. Become inspired with faith and love of human beings. Let there be no troubled souls to whom you do not offer a hand and about whom you remain unconcerned.” (Fethullah Gülen, Criteria or Lights of the Way. London: Truestar.)

    Please visit the following links to get more information about Fethullah Gulen.
    Fethullah Gulen
    Fethullah Gulen Blog

  7. Gulen movement participants have founded a number of institutions across the world which promote interfaith and intercultural dialogue activities. During the 1990s he began to advocate interreligious tolerance and dialogue. He personally met with leaders of other religions, including Pope John Paul II, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomeos, and Israeli Sephardic Head Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron.

    Please visit the following links to get more information about Fethullah Gulen.
    Gulen Movement
    Fethullah Gulen

  8. AmericatheBrave says:

    Here goes! Remember my Turkish friends, to be honest about your connection to Gulen.
    1) Gulen never meet Greek Patriarch Bartholomeos or Rabbi Doron- they do NOT ENDORSE Gulen and you know it. To this day the Greek Church is crucified by the Turkish Government. watch 60 minutes segment below.
    2) 16 years ago Gulen had a 1 time meeting with the former Pope John Paul II, he met Gulen after he visited the prison forgiving the Turkish Man that shot him. Gulen didn’t have and doesn’t have the endorsement of the Catholic church. To imply this is a LIE. The Catholic Church would never endorse a fake cult like the Gulen Movement.
    3) Current Pope Benedict has made remarks about the brutality of Islam and Turkey’s history toward the indigenous Christian population. No wonder you do not post that Pope Benedict is a “buddy” of Gulen’s because he is ALIVE to say elsewise.

    Don’t you find it ironic you have to lie about fake friendships and associations attempting to prove Gulen is credibilty?

  9. AmericatheBrave says:

    Gülen’in takipçileri, tüm web siteleri Gülen ve onun personeli tarafından yazılı durmak posta. Onun kuklalar, ve Gülen ABD kukla olduğunu. Bunun üzerine 25000000000 $ ve para bu tür asla yaşamazsınız. Gülen bile, eğitimli değildir ve Kürt.
    Gülen zemine Türkiye koşmak istiyor.
    Herhangi bir veya hakkında Filistinlilerin hakkında hiçbir şey umurunda değil. Sana her gece gülüyor.

  10. AmericatheBrave says:

    60 Minutes segment “Patriarch Bartholomew” I feel crucified by Turkey!

  11. AmericatheBrave says:

    Gülen IDF ve İsrail’in saldırı Mavi Marmara yardımcı oldu. Gülen Yahuddis seviyor ve paralarını Türk halkına karşı kullanmak için alır. Dikkat Gülen için, sana kural gidiyor

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