Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

The radical Deobandi movement, an ultra-conservative manifestation of Islam, is spreading throughout the United States without capturing the attention of major media outlines.

Sheikh Riyadh ul Haq, one of the movement’s most influential preachers, has voiced his support of al Qaeda and the Taliban and his hatred of all Western values.

The movement, which calls upon Muslims to “shed blood for Allah,” already controls more than half the mosques in Great Britain.

In America, the Deobandi has gained solid footing in America thanks to the efforts of Tablighi Jamaat missionaries.

One such missionary was Sheikh Mubarek Gilani who set up over forty compounds for jihadi training throughout the country, including Islamberg in Hancock, New York.

After undergoing training at these compounds, the Muslim recruits are dispatched to Pakistan where many have joined forces with al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, Gilani’s organization, is fully funded by Tablighi Jamaat with contributions from wealthy Saudi benefactors.

The same group supports 600 of Britain’s 1,350 mosques.

The Deobandi also remains largely responsible for the spread of radical Islam throughout the national prison system.

The prison undertaking was led by Sheikh Ismail Abdul Rahman, who established the Sankore Mosque within Green Haven prison in New York state. At present, 90% of the U.S. converts to Islam are African American; 60% become Muslim in prison.

Another American manifestation of the Deobandi is the National Ummah Movement which seeks to establish sovereign Islamic enclaves within major American cities.

Some of the Ummah mosques maintain armed militias. Others provide training in marital arts and guerilla warfare. Almost all operate beneath the radar of local, state, and federal law enforcement officials.

On October 28, 2009, the FBI raided a warehouse in Detroit and two houses in Detroit and arrested eleven Ummah members on charges of mail fraud, the illegal possession of firearms, trafficking in stolen goods, and altering vehicle identification numbers.

In the course of the raid on the warehouse, Luqman Ameen Abdullah, the ringleader of the group, opened fire on the federal agents and was killed in the ensuing gunfight.

Luqman Abdullah was the imam of the Masjid al-Haqq in Detroit, a mosque that was part of the Ummah network.

A short list of other mosques with ties to the Ummah and the Deobandi is as follows:

The Universal Islamic Brotherhood in Cleveland

West End Community in Atlantic

Ta’if Tul Ministry in Los Angeles

First Cleveland Mosque

Masjid al-Islam – Washington, DC

Dar al-Hijrah – Falls Church, Virginia

Masjid Mohammad – Washington, DC

Peace in the Hood – Cleveland

Masjid Bilal – Lexington, Kentucky

Masjid Waritheen – Oakland, California

Masjid Ibrahim – Sacramento

Sankore Institute – Green Haven Penitentiary

Community Mosque – Winston-Salem

Adams Center – Washington, DC

Masjid Mujahidin – New York City

Masjid al-Mumin – New York City

Masjid al-Taqwa – New York City

In Britain, seventeen of the 26 Islamic seminaries are run by Deobandis. These seminaries produce 80 per cent of the country’s Muslim clerics.

Tablighi Jamaat was founded in 1926, in India, by a Deobandi scholar, Muhammad Ilyas, who wanted to raise Islamic awareness among rural Muslims in south Asia. He promised them that by obeying Islamic laws and following the example of the Prophet Muhammad in their personal lives they would one day “dominate over non-believers” and become “masters of everything on this earth”.

Ishaq Patel, Tablighi Jamaat’s first emir (leader) in Britain, is said to have been on pilgrimage in Mecca when Ilyas’s successor gave him a long-term mission to win “the whole of Britain to Islam”.

Yoginder Sikand, a Muslim expert on the movement, says that its ethos of “social and cultural separatism and insularity” seeks “to minimize contacts with people of other faiths”.

Ebrahim Rangooni, a leading proponent of the movement, says that Tablighi Jamaat through the Deobandi seeks to “rescue the ummah [the global Muslim community] from the culture and civilization of the Jews, the Christians and [other] enemies of Islam”. Its aim, he writes, is to “create such hatred for their ways as human beings have for urine and excreta”.

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  1. Any which way they can. Soft sell or the hard way – horror.

    We of the west think in days, months and years; whereas the Islamists think in centuries.

    I have linked this piece to my small weblog, just google Edmund Onward James and view “Islam Rising & No-Go Zones in France & Europe… Are we too smug in Canada?”

  2. mrsunnah says:

    greetings,in the religion of islam the prophet muhammad(s) stated that after his death there will be seventy-two devient sects among the muslims. all of these sects will have a devil at it’s head. he warned the muslims to follow the authentic text of the qu ran and his authentic text (hadith),these people that you describe as ISLAMIST,are as far away from true islam as uranus is from earth. in fact these groups only goal is for world domination,not by way of islam but by their own desires.there title should not be ISLAMIST but it should be DEVILS. this is why they are funded by other groups who have the same desire of world dominance. people must understand that these groups do not nor will they ever be a true example of true islam, the deobandi movement as well as jamatul-tabliq are considered among the majority of the muslims in the world as being part of the seventy-two devient sects that the great prophet spoke of. he even described them as being “the dogs of hell”. this clearly shows how these groups do not in any way represent islam at all. peace

  3. restorationgirl says:

    I think you meant ‘West End Community MASJID in ATLANTA’ not ‘West End Community Atlantic’. I might be wrong, but the only thing I could find online Was WEC Masjid in Atlanta Ga. They even have a Facebook page.

  4. restorationgirl says:

    I am not against Muslims. I am for exposing Islam by it’s own teachings. Islam started out as a peaceful religion, but it did not take long for Muhammad to use force to dominate areas & thus gain more converts. He went from 30 converts to 100,000 converts in a short period of time. After that he didn’t look back. There are obvious contradictions in Muhammads own teachings & not understanding the progression of his life, where he was – whether Mecca or Medina – and what was going on – you will not be able to understand the peaceful texts & the obvious hate filled texts that encourage extermination of all Jews and later ‘people of the book’ who are Christians – also known as infidels.

    I would recommend everyone watch Dr Bill Warner’s videos online – starting with A Taste of Islam. This man is no fly by night. He is extremely well read, went right to the source – Muhammad and the teachings used by Islam itself & only uses facts. Studied history of Islam & understands it in a way I know few Americans do – which is why people are getting away with murder & imposing Sharia Law over our own laws. See Dr Warner’s Center For the Study of Political Islam. You will never find a more qualified teacher who teaches clearly and directly for any person to understand. Islam does not have to be a mystery. And just in case someone argues that ‘Islam does not have to be political it’s just a personal religion’ you’re either misinformed yourselves or practicing taquiyya. Let’s get educated – everyone.

    Just do a simple search on the internet for videos of people who follow Islam beating non Muslims & you’ll see videos from all over the place not just the Middle East. Read reports & see videos on people’s websites who understand Islam like Brigitte Gabriel, Walid Shoebat and others. Websites like Bare Naked Islam & Answering Islam are valuable as well. See the truth of what is going on.

    I also do not know how a person can say Islam is a religion of peace when it means ‘submission’ and also when the prophet Muhammad married his SIX YEAR OLD NIECE because Allah told him to – but he waited until she was a whole nine years old before he had intercourse with her. He was 53 years old. That’s called pedophilia when you have sex with a child and every civilization knows that is wrong. No ‘god’ of peace approves of sexual intercourse with a child.

    And by the way – I am STILL waiting for millions of so called peaceful Muslims to rise up against the supposedly small percent that are for jihad and stand against them. There AREN’T going to be any standing against it because that would be denying the beloved prophet Muhammad as well as Allah who gave revelation directly to Muhammad. So called peaceful Islam are the ‘Muslims on the bus’ getting taken wherever by the jihadist ‘drivers’. They may not be the ones actually ‘driving’ the bus but they sure as heck are not doing anything to stop it either – and more than likely they are supporting either by silence or with money jihad activity or furthering the push of Sharia Law on the countries they have immigrated to. There is peaceful infiltration by immigration and then there is jihad. Both are valid and approved of in Islam as a means of dominating the country they want to take over. But regardless of the protests that ‘Islam is peaceful’ – there is always ‘holy lying to infidels’ so you really can’t really trust somebody when that is a tenant of their religion. Not surprising because their teachings record that ‘Allah is the greatest deceiver of all.’

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