Turkification, Islamization is alive and well in the USA


From KOLOTV.com,  Reno Police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a student from the Coral Academy of Science at 1350 E. 9th. St in Reno Tuesday morning, May 11, 2010.  The school, Coral Academy, is part of the  the Fethullah Gulen Community (FGC), a movement a February 2009 article in the respected Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst labeled “Turkey’s third power.” These schools seem to be part of the Islamization of America.


Police say around 8:20 am, a female student was walking between buildings on the campus when she was approached by a man. He briefly talked to her, then tried to grab her by the arm. She screamed and was able to pull-away from the man. The man was last seen running westbound in the area.

The girl was not harmed.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic man in his early twenties, about 5’10” with a thin build. He has a shaved head and a clean shaven face. He wore a black hooded sweatshirt, brown pants, and white shoes.

If you have any information about this incident, or if you can help police find the suspect, please call the Reno Police Department or Secret Witness at 322-4900.


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5 Responses to Turkification, Islamization is alive and well in the USA

  1. Debbie says:

    Thank you for spreading the word. Some real deep investigation needs to be done on these schools….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those of you, who are looking forward to learn the facts about Fethullah Gulen and the Gulen Movement can visit the following links to get accurate information.

    Fethullah Gulen Movement
    Fethullah Gulen

  3. Anonymous says:

    Some say they are the best schools around, and some say they can’t be that good without support from global powers. Some say they serve for global peace, and some other say: “Don’t be naive they must have a hidden agenda”. I will not get into questions like “water of the mill” as they have been addressed previously. The main question I am going after is, what are really Gulen Inspired Schools? What makes them standout? How can you distinguish a Gulen Inspired School from any other public or community school?

    If you would like to get “real”, “unbiased” and accurate information about the Gulen Inspired Schools, please follow this link.

    Gulen Schools

  4. Atla Turec says:

    “If you would like to get “real”, “unbiased” and accurate information about the Gulen Inspired Schools, please follow this link.”

    Just how stupid do you think Americans are??? That “unbiased” and accurate ” link is to the Gulen schools.

    You folks must be doing the same drugs that finance your operations against the West.

  5. Lisa says:

    Start with stop attacking the right to choose our own religion and not pushing your culture down our children’s throats. I for one as a parent of an ex-Gulen student didn’t appreciate the indocrination of Shish Kebab, Turkish Language and Dancing. It isn’t cute or classy that my kid can speak a little Turkish, it is a worthless language. I would rather my child learn Chinese because of our global economy.
    Here was a news report in 2008 a Turkish Gulen teacher took the rosary prayer beads away from a student!!! nice huh?
    Above is the school’s web site, note on the left side the link for Turkish Language, and “Europe” trip.

    Below is the 2008, News about the 13 year old girl getting her rosary confiscated by a teacher. This is sad, very sad. Dear Mr. Gulen, how would you like us to confiscate your Quran?

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