Thanks to Pastorius

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  1. Denial: the sure path to destruction.

  2. Therese says:

    Shades of Prime Minister Chamberland of United Kingdom. He believed Hitler. Now we have more dummies than we can handle regarding their ignorance of Islam. No one can be this stupid, they must take their money from a source we all know very well.
    I have always loved America, still do but there is something rotton going on within your halls of power. It is long overdue that the true American voice is heard again.

  3. proud infidel says:

    no, he’s not dumb, he knows exactly what he’s trying to do here, just as hussein does.

  4. Pastorius says:

    Thanks for the link, Paul.

  5. Paul says:

    What happened to the TRUE AMERICA, the dream that our forefathers had, we have lost the dream along the way, we must bring it back.

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