Dr. Paul L. Williams, PhD

A front page story in Sunday’s edition of The Daily Times (Pakistan’s leading daily newspaper) states that Hamid Mir, the celebrated journalist who interviewed Osama bin Laden in the wake of 9/11, is neither a “moderate Muslim” nor an objective journalist, as many U.S. and Canadian reporters believed, but rather a duplicitous agent who fed sensitive information to the Taliban.

In 2008, Paul Williams accused Mir of being dishonest by saying: “He has back pedaled on statements before. This guy is capable of mendacity.”

Williams further said: “If I could see Hamid Mir, I would grab him by the throat and beat the living tar out of him.”

Judi McLeod of Canada Free Press took Williams to task in an article entitled “Portraying Hamid Mir as America’s Enemy?”

In the article, Ms. McLeod called the remarks by Williams “reckless” and insinuated that Mir was a valuable ally in the war on terror who serves the best interests of the American people.

The Canada Free Press article was co-authored by David Dastych, who joined in the condemnation of Williams and the defense of Mir.

Here’s the Daily Times article concerning America’s “good friend” and “moderate Muslim”:

LAHORE: A shocking audiotape of a conversation between Hamid Mir – one of the country’s top TV anchors – and a man purportedly linked to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, has revealed that negative information that Mir passed on to the Taliban could have led to the execution of Khalid Khawaja, the retired Air Force official allegedly killed by a group calling themselves the ‘Asian Tigers’.

The tape – which has Mir divulging dirt on Khawaja, ostensibly to someone who is going to cross examine him – was first posted by the Let Us Build Pakistan blog, and picked up by other online publications, including Café Pyala. It is still unclear who made the tape, with online speculation suggesting that it could be the militants themselves, or even intelligence agencies who released the recording.

Whatever the source may be, it is clear that one of the voices on the tape is Mir’s, a fact corroborated by his allusions to events such as his sacking from the daily Ausaf. In the tape, the person on the other end asks Mir for information on Khalid Khawaja. The content of the conversation suggests that this call was made before Khawaja’s execution earlier this month. Mir goes on to detail what he knows about Khawaja’s background, linking him to the CIA, an international network of Qadianis and an American named Mansur Ejaz, who, Mir claims, even offered to solve the Kashmir issue.

At one point, the voice on the other end claims to have abducted Khawaja. Here, Mir volunteers further information linking Khawaja to the Lal Masjid operation, saying that Khawaja and his wife were the ones responsible for the death of Ghazi Rasheed and the humiliating capture of Maulana Abdul Aziz and his family. Mir then urges the man to cross-examine Khawaja about his relationship with Mansur Ejaz, Qadianis and a CIA agent named William Casey….

Williams doubts if an apology will be forthcoming from either Ms. McLeod or Mr. Dastych.

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  1. undercover says:

    Williams, Spencer, Hagmann, Gellar and many others all want to be the first to jump on the bandwagon and hang Mir. You all fight to be heard first saying, “I knew it all along.”
    Well my friends, I beat you…and Mir is as blind as a bat.
    He will ultimately pay his price when he meets his maker on Judgement Day.

    There are no apologies necessary but only eyes wide open and ears that listen….to what is truth and to what is real.
    Time for change? You bet its time for change!

  2. Thank you for spelling it out so clearly, when i first started learning about this I was a skeptic, but now I am consistently searching for info. Many thanks once again, Do you don’t mind if I link this tomy blog so that my readers can reap the benefits of this info aswell Thanks

  3. mansoor says:

    I am a Muslim and live in Pakistan.I do not hate christians but I love Muslims,if they are MUSLIMS and not if they think that they are MUSLIMS.Dr.Williams is definitely not a CHRISTIAN.I hate to say that I hate such creatures who try and survive on the name of CHRISTIANITY as much as I hate those who hide behind ISLAM.
    As far Mr.Hamid Mir is concerned;good or bad, why does it bother someone like Dr.Williams.Is he worried that Mr.Mir might try and marry his daughter and become a son-in-law?

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