Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

Proof that Fethullah Gulen, who resides within a mountain fortress in Pennsylvania, is the “most dangerous Islamist” on planet earth became crystallized by the worsening crisis between Turkey and Israel.

The crisis was precipitated the Israeli Navy’s seizure of the Marmora, a Turkish vessel, which was leading a fleet of ships through the Gaza blockade yesterday.

Israeli army spokesman, Colonel Avi Beneyahu, called the incident “an act of terror on the high seas.”

The flotilla reportedly represented an effort by the Turkish government to break through the Israeli blockade on Gaza in order to permit the flow of arms and supplies to Hamas and Hezbollah terror groups. The Turks deny these charges, stating that the Marmora and the other ships in the fleet contained humanitarian aid for the Palestinian Muslims.

The aid allegedly was provided by the Humanitarian Aid Foundation and Kimse Tok Mir, a “charity” established by the Gulen movement.

An estimated 19 activists were killed battling with Israeli troops, and dozens more were injured. Ten Israeli soldiers were wounded, two critically.

In response to the attack on the Marmona, Turkey has promised “unprecedented and incalculable reprisals” and announced its intentions to pound the Israeli blockade with more flotillas. And there’s a caveat. These flotillas will be escorted by Turkish warships and fighter jets.

The Turkish government remains controlled by Gulen who has amassed more than $25 billion in financial assets.

Since 2002, Turkey has been governed by the Justice and Democratic Party (Adalet ve Kalkinma, AKP), a party which Gulen established and financed not from Istanbul or Ankara but from Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania.

Abdullah Gul, Turkey’s first Islamist President, is a Gulen disciple along with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Yusuf Ziya Ozcan, the head of Turkey’s Council of Higher Education.

Under the AKP, Turkey has transformed from a secular state into an Islamic country with 85,000 active mosques – – one for every 350- citizens – – the highest number per capita in the world, 90,000 imams, more imams than teachers and physicians – – and thousands of state-run Islamic schools.

Despite the rhetoric of European Union accession, Turkey has transferred its alliance from Europe and the United States to Russia and Iran. It has moved toward friendship with Hamas, Hezbollah, and Syria and created a pervasive anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, and anti-America animus throughout the populace.

And the person who has created this radical change in world affairs is the reclusive Gulen.

Gulen’s grandiose vision is the restoration of the Ottoman Empire and the creation of a universal caliphate.

In his public statements, Gulen espouses a liberal version of Sunni/Hanafi Islam and promotes the Muslim notion of hizmet – – altruistic service to the common good.

In private, Gulen has stated that “in order to reach the ideal Muslim society ‘every method and path is acceptable, [including] lying to people.’”

With assets in excess of $30 billion, Gulen has wielded political allegiances in Washington that have resulted in the placement of Turkish Muslims in the CIA, NSA, FBI, and other national security organizations.

He has created well-heeled lobbies to promote the cause of Islam and to develop Islamic candidates for political office.

He has formed close friendships with Bill and Hillary Clinton, former Secretaries of State James Baker and Madeleine Albright, and George W. Bush.

Gulen has also established over thousands of schools throughout the world, where students are indoctrinated in the tenets of political Islam.

85 of these schools are located in the United States.

They are funded by American taxpayers.

Turkish Protesters Wished for Martyrdom

Report from “Freedom Flotilla” Before Its Departure for Gaza: Activists on Board Chant Intifada Songs and Praise Martyrdom

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  1. turk says:

    They said it on Turkish TV channels that their aim is to break the blockage of Israel while they were on the way, now they deny it? As a Turk i am extremely disturbed by their using my flag on that ship.
    – If they really want to help why they didn´t do it in a way that surely that the help will reach to the people not to Hamas terrorists?
    – They did know Israelian military will react so why did they bring one year old kid on the ship? i hope that parents get charged in Turkey because of their irresponsibility.
    – Who organized this protest? What is German based “Milli Gorus” involvement into the issue?
    – Where this money came from ? what is the organizators´ relations with Deniz Feneri corruption case in Germany? As we know IHH was in the files of the case.
    – and most importantly, how can these islamist terrorists get orginazed in England and in Germany and nobody did something?

  2. AmericatheBRAVE says:

    Turkey is calling for action against israel? How hypocritcal can you get?
    Turkey calls the death of their 4-16 (Different numbers out there) Hamas sympathizers aka aide workers a “massacre” and compares it to Sept. 11th?
    WTF? The USA lost over 3,000 innocent civilians in the twin towers at the hands of jihadists. Hardly can compare the two.
    Turkey is responsible for the death and persecution of many people: Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, Pontic Greeks, Kurds, Balkans, Bulgarians, Persians and more.
    Turkey currently has a 18 year blockade against Christian Armenia (the first Christian Nation in 301 AD) What would Turkey do if someone tried to break that blockade? Assaulting Christians and Jews is the favorite past-time of Turkey. Don’t forget our last pope (John Paul II) was short by a Turkish man.
    Turkey is hardly the country to teach morality to the world. This is their attempt to be the leaders in the moslem world.
    They are working with aligning themselves with Iran and already are entrenched with Pakistan. Selling weapons to Pakistan that they purchase from America. America grow up and quite kissing the ASS of these people.

  3. AmericatheBRAVE says:

    This Gulen creep is a threat to the education of our children.

  4. nihal says:

    When you write your commends why not saying Turkish government instead Turkey? Like all the Turks elected this islamist government, like there is no dictatorship in Turkey right now.
    The guy who shot the Pope also killed a very precious Turkish journalist, but he is free right now. AKP government didn´t see any harm to let such a mentally sick person out.

  5. AmericatheBRAVE says:

    That mentally sick person also converted to Christianity and met with the pope to ask for forgiveness.
    Which Journalist are you talking about that he killed? Hrant Dink? Hrant was Armenian-Turkish and well respected by many Turkish people.
    AKP government backs these clowns that prey on Christianity and Jews.
    Turkish people are very fragmented because of their various ethnic roots. I understand that not all Turks elected this current government and there is an inner struggle within Turkey between Nationalism, Securlism and Islamism.

  6. nihal says:

    Very sad what happened to Hrant Dink, but i am talking about “Abdi Ipekci” who is killed in 1979. Murderers are outside in Turkey, but intellectuals are prisoned if they are not killed already.

  7. AU says:

    Tucks Govt are planning to fuel the crisis in middle east I know they will fail these evil leader will definitely and God divine will always be with his people who are seeking peace to settle the Palestine. Palestine should know that those evil tucks does not mean good for them they meant their destruction but i call on you to tow the path of peace which the Jew present for the peaceful settlement of this crisis.

  8. Therese says:


    You are correct in the diverse cultures within Turkey – the ones left and not murdered by the Turks. They tend to murder those they dont want. I have a close friend Meliha from Merzin and she was such a patriot. We spent the day of the elections together. she could not believe the result. she cried. This cannot be right she said, we all respect the memory of Attaturk. What has happened she wanted to know. She was stunned to say the least. And, no doubt many other Turks thought the same way.

    I saw the minibuses in every street handing out roses, and the bands were playing and out of the blue they had Erdogan.

    Some Turks are brainwashed to believe that all people from the east are Kurds. If two people are on a motorbike they call them Kurds, whether they are or not. There is a high level of bigotry simmering just below the surface.

    There are many good Turks, but they are afraid to speak out. Just like there were good Germans. Women are particularly worried. their freedom and way of life are at risk.

    Turkish friends also told me that the rate of Jami’s being built has never been like that before. The beautiful Greek church in Isparta I went with to visit had been gutted – Iconography thrown on fires in the yard of the church – it was being prepared as another Jami. I was shocked and horrified.
    Why do Muslims have to destroy? These artifacts are of great value. They have a great history behind them. No, they are so afraid of learning they must destroy.

    Let us all hope there is enough genetic material left in their blood from Greeks and Romans and that the literature from the Bizantine is saved. The Greeks and Turks lived together for centuries and it is the traditional home of the Greek people. The Greeks were the first to help them in the big earthquake in the late ninties in Istanbul.

    And I love that the Turk cant stand to have Greek Islands less than a Kilometre from Turkish soil. They absolutely hate it. Good Stuff!

  9. Therese says:

    And a word for you “turk”.

    so happy to hear from a real Turk. There is a difference and we who love turkey know the difference. However, it will be more and more difficult for you for speaking up so be careful. Islam will go to any length. I could not believe it either when the Turkish flag was used on the side of the Blockade ship.

    Keep the faith mate.

  10. AmericatheBRAVE says:

    Shameless hypocrisy is the Turkish Government and it is correct to point out there are many good Turkish people – even in the time of the Ottoman Turkish Genocides and ordered ethnic cleansings – many good Turks realized their government was corrupt. They helped to feed Armenians and hide them, many of the Turkish familes took in an Armenian orphan (of course they were islamized) Turkish Author-Atorney Cetin has written about the fact her beloved grandmother was actually an Armenian orphan. Turks live with this guilt from their ancestors. Akcam and Pamuk (who won the nobel peace prize) have both discussed the Armenian genocides and ALL were prosecuted under Turkish article 301 for insulting ‘Turkishness”

  11. AmericatheBRAVE says:

    Therese; Lets not forget that Christianity started in Turkey. Constaniople has a famous grand church called St. Hagia Sophia, The Greeks constructed this masterpiece. When the Seljuk Ottoman Mongolian Turks invaded Constaniople they confiscated the church and killed all the high ranking priests.
    St. Hagia Sophia was then shamelessly converted into a Mosque. Today, they have turned it into a Museum. When friends of mind that are Greek toured the St. Hagia Sophia they asked the Turkish tour guide what the greek writings on the walls meant. His reply “I dont’ know that is ancient Turkish”
    Then the final insult?…………….change the name of Constaniople to Istanbul.

  12. Therese says:

    I have been in Hagia Sophiamany times and wondered at the artistry and architecture of both this church and the Blue Moss. I have been underneath Constinople and wrote my university thesis on the underground water cisters of the Greeks and Romans. Have been in Cyprus and sat on ancient Roman Latrines.

    I have spoken of my friends in Turkey, Meliha and Bedrya and others. Modern and intelligent women. But, we cannot be blind to what is happening there in the last twenty years. It was a fledgling democracy with a bright future – then came Erdogan. Women in Turkey are very worried and rightly so, They dont want to go back to forced marriages, girls no longer attending schools. And, a host of other things they have taken for granted, but now it is at a turning point. There are three paths to take and the Turks themselves don’t know which way it will go. I am a teacher and taught in Turkey. I got a very good lay of the land. I am not ignorant about the layers of history. Where I have my home near Antalya I can look from my balcony and see layers of Greek, Roman, Bysantium, Seljuc’s and Crusader palaces, Places where Anthony and Cleopatric walked. I have been to Nicholas of Maya church. Ephesis where legend has it is the burial place of Mary. Even climed Temessos the only city Alexander 111 of Macedon was not able to bring down. Turkey is a most fascinating place. It should be world heritage listed. But, if the people are oppressed then you cant sit back and wish you were all back in the time of the Otterman Empire. Which I might add many of my male friends used to long for. It is gone. And, if you have not noticed – I love Turkey.

  13. Therese says:

    one more thing, Christanity did not begin in Turkey. Paul of Tarsus bought the Good news to Turkey when he was on the road to Damascus he had a vision and was told to spread the “word” of God. Christ was from Isreal and so were his apostles and his mother Mary and his beloved Mary Magdalen. Chrisianity thrived in Turkey and under Constantine who was not a christain until his death bed we are told. He created a doctrine at Nicea and we christain people have what we say as our act of faith the Nicean Creed. This is where we profess our love of Jesus and his father. Jesus bought a new way of loving God his father. But none of this matters, what matters is that were are all within our hearts kind and considerate to our fellow human beings. This is a simple code.

  14. Therese says:

    I believe it was a German professor who gave the Turks their written language of modern Turkey at the request of the founder of your republic Kemal Moustafa Attaturk.

  15. nihal says:

    The language revolution was actually a very interesting one. Turkish was a spoken language coming from Central Asia, Ottoman Turkish was extremely influenced by persian and arabic, with the reform, persian and arabic words are replaced by their turkish equivelants and written language became wih latin alphabet. So it is not created, it is just reformed side by side with the education reforms in 1928. As i know Ataturk invited some professors yes fom Germany Sweden etc, to work on the new alphabet, that is why we have “ö” “ü”.

    I agree a lot of things with Therese, history is so rich in Anatolia, we have such nice ancient cities, Ephesus is the most famous one but, we have many more; first planned city Miletus which Thales was from, Priene which was an amazing Ionian city, Capadocia is amazing too, i love my country too, it is such a pity that we couldn´t establish a real democracy in our lands and instead of a lot of problems (education, human rights, women rights, animal rights, historical preservation etc) we have to deal with islamist mafia and terror.

    Islamists have a common behaviour, they hate education, they are lack of aesthetic understanding and they have no respect to any kind of art or history, their urban development model is Dubai. For money they would build a kebap house on the ruins of an ancient Greek temple. It is so sad that i cannot go to “Antalya- Side” anymore not to see how they destroy the archeological sites.

  16. nihal says:

    There are still christians living in Turkey.

  17. Therese says:

    Hey Nihal

    Did you know that the first recorded condoms came from Melitis (Greek) and were made by using sheepskin (Ouch! yes I know) but true. These were worked by women of course until they were soft and pliable. And before that time sea sponges were used as well for this purpose. Another use for the sea sponges were for wiping the bottom of the master when they went to the latrine. The hot and cool baths of the Romans are spectacular. The delivery of water was a feat not beaten til the 20th century. So all in all Turks today owe so much of their heritage to Greeks and Romans as well as the Anatolean native people.

    And the lakes in Turkey are superb. Like glass reflecting mirrors of mountains and lakes. Konya one of the most serene places in the world. Van, and the lakes there. Black sea with all the culture from the prehistory time where Jason and his argonaughts traced the map of the Black sea, seeking the golden fleece. I have heard from modern science that the fleece was actually used to place in the streams to collect the specks of gold running along the rivers and streams thus making the sheep fleece golden. It makes sense if you think about it.

    You have a truly unique country – one we should all try and see for ourselves. Sadly this is looking bleaker by the day. And the first thing that struck me on my first visit to Turkey was that your ancient treasures were more in tact than any to be seen in Greece. Around Feteya are some well hidden treasures if you are brave enough to enter the state forests alone. I think it was an historian by the name of Bean an Englishman who discovered very ancient sites there. Anyhow, enough of the travel talk from me. I just love Turkey and I cry for her. A great and sympathetic author is Louis de Berniere, who has written much about your part of the world, my favourite is “Birds without Wings”. You cannot fail to love all the characters. It is in the time just before the Greeks and Turks realized they were diferent. Well they were not really, but the government told them they were. And then all the pain starts. Anyhow if you try you will find it. It is a great history of this time and unbiased and kind to both peoples. He also wrote Captain Correlli’s Mandolin.

  18. Therese says:

    And to you Americathebrave,

    Many Germans risked their lives to help Jews too and so did many good Dutch people. There is always humanity within all of us – we just have to nurture it in our children. I am sorry to say, This is not a strong suit for Islam. I think it is a con.

  19. AmericatheBRAVE says:

    Therese, sorry Christianity started in Turkey under the Byzantines. Here is an excerpt from 60 minutes about the Greek Patriache Bartholmew, who is persecuted by the Turkish Government and their theology school CLOSED down because the Turkish government forbide any Greek Theology students that were not born on Turkish soil.

    However, Armenia is the first nation to establish Christianity as their official relgion in 301 AD.

  20. AmericatheBRAVE says:

    Akhtamar Church near Van, (historical Armenia was known as the land of 1001 churches) was “restord’ by the Turkish Government as a media hype for Turkey’s plea for acceptance into the European Union.
    Akhtamar is older than the invasions of the Ottoman Seljuk Mongolian Turks from Central Asia.
    Turkey originally restored it but didn’t put a “cross” on the church, the Armenian Church in Jerusalem and Istanbul requested a cross.
    The church was originally restored to be a museum, many younger Turks touring it walk out scratching their heads wondering “what happened to the Armenians?”
    Today, Turkey is going to allow the church to place a cross on the church and let the church have 1 time a year services. Nice to know that Turkey will give Christians ‘”PERMISSION” to worship.

  21. nihal says:

    Thanks Therese for the tip, i will look for Louis de Berniere.

  22. Therese says:

    Hope you will enjoy his books. They are among my favoirites.

  23. hamid pope says:

    mooohamed was a pathologic pediophile..remove allislamkinals form all western countries we have all had enuf of their sheer and clear insanity
    n o more ISLAMINALS to live ..time has come to wipe them ALL out they are insane

  24. the truth says:

    USA financed and supported GULEN in turkey in east of russia and far east so that the children who are educated could be used against socialists and their own government in the future but especially agaist russia and china becuase those countries mostly speak turkish.the mosques in turkey were built with the money that came from saudi arabia.those mosques were used to create hatred, division against again socialists.those people were sent to yugoslavia to start civil war and other countries as well.turkish army has known from the beginning of GULEN why did they stop him if they defend the secular state of ATATURK?in turkey nobody can change anything without permission of army.the government does not run the country, MHP+BBP+MIT run the state.the mosques and religous establisments are used to gather information about ordinary people.those poeple are used to create civil war.turkey has never been a secular has been a sunni islamic state.that is why they carried out murder against armenians,alevis,kurdish,zazas,yezidis…

  25. nihal says:

    Kurdish Hizbullah, a radical Sunni Islamist group that was reputedly connected to about 500 murders in the 1990s in Turkey, including half Turkish half Kurdish, previous “imam” later an atheist, and a brave man Turan Dursun, and many more.
    Radical islamism is born in Kurdish area in Turkey.

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