Islam Not a Religion of Peace

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4 Responses to Islam Not a Religion of Peace

  1. Murat Tolcan says:

    Pope John Paul II is dead, he was shot by one of our Turkish Grey Wolves, I doubt if he or the Catholic Church endorses the fakeness of Gulen. Current Pope Benedict received death threats for his remarks about Islam prior to visiting Turkey and the Hagia Sophia a grand church converted to a Mosque.

    Greek Patriarch Bartholomew has openingly declared “I feel crucified in Turkey” Lets be honest “Fethullah Gulen” poster Turkey has done everything in their power the last 100 years to push Christianity and the Christian population to a mere 2% of the population.

    As for Rabbi Doron he would have nothing to do with Islam or Turkey.
    “Personally meeting with leaders of other religions” doesn’t imply they have any endorsement or relations. These were 1 time meetings and nothing more.

    Gulen buys his way into interfaith dialogue. My Uncle knows people in the travel industry, The Gulen Interfaith programs buy chairs at Universities throughout the world – do you understand this is PAID for with $$. The Gulen Interfaith programs invite local liberal Christian groups for dinners, Turkish coffee, discussions and many are given free trips to Turkey along with Politicians.

    It’s all a bribe and manipulation. Keep it up “Fethullah Gulen” poster. While you are busy trying to spread propaganda all over the Internet about creating credibility for the Great Gulen, he is busy spending his $25 Billion. While peons like you give your Tisuk for Hizmet. Nice try but Taqiyya doesn’t work.

    Gulen forgot to mention to you that he is Kurdish.

  2. AmericatheBrave says:

    Ok, I have heard he is Kurdish too! When I was stationed in Turkey, the villages all whispered about this! I say he is half Kurdish.

  3. istambul says:

    He is Kurdish, he cannot speak Turkish, personally i don´t understand the half of what he says when he speaks, but interestingly he uses Turkish nationalism for his brainwashing, i heard it is forbidden to talk or sing in Kurdish in his dormitories.

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