The amateur journalists at the Pocono Record are following a long tradition of appeasement in the face of tyranny.

“Hitler was a brilliant speaker, and his eyes had a peculiar power over people. He was a good organiser and politician. He was a driven, unstable man, who believed that he had been called by God to become dictator of Germany and rule the world. This kept him going when other people might have given up. His self-belief persuaded people to believe in him.”

“Hitler responds to the vibration of the human heart with the delicacy of a seismagraph… enabling him, with a certainty with which no conscious gift could endow him, to act as a loudspeaker proclaiming the most secret desires, the least permissible instincts, the sufferings and personal revolts of a whole nation.”

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  1. pbird says:

    Sounds like a perfect description of a predator.

  2. Debbie says:

    That’s a very interesting video. The author of the book on Gulen sounds like he might be a follower, who knows. Either this guy is a saint, or he really has people snowed.

  3. babbazee says:

    he comes as a man of peace!

  4. AmericatheBrave says:

    Haven’t you heard?
    Islam is the religion of PEACE.
    Don’t we know this example of piece from Mumbai, India to Ft. Hood, TX
    From Israel to England.
    Such a religion of PEACE.

  5. AmericatheBrave says:

    So Fethullah Gulen is the new Mr. Rogers.
    “Won’t you be my neighbor?”

  6. Marvin Leroy says:

    Those limp-wristed characters at the provincial paper (Pocono Record?) are truly “useful idiots”. It is because of such weak-minded wannabes that Joseph Goebbels was able to pull the wool over the American public during the 1930’s.

  7. Frank says:

    Did Gulen pay for that clip or was it subsidized by the U.S. Government?

  8. Robert says:

    Are the “reporters” at the Pocono Record aware at all of the facts about Gulen? Has any one ever contacted them? Is there a coherent, ongoing strategy to educate and win over the media? Is there a plan to “innoculate” the media with the Truth? The battle today is waged as a Media War. “Who ever controls the flow of ideas…wins”.
    Americans, conservatives, etc, are not very poor at understanding this. They are good, honest people. They use logic and reason to make their points. The other side are expert liars and decievers, whose very soul is a lie. They understand, like Hitler, how to persuade, convince, cajole. The Psychologists call Psychopaths, “The Master Manipulators”, who “manipulate through charm”.
    The truth is an ultimate weapon, but it must be picked up, grasped firmly and wielded with vigor and skill. All anti Jihadists must put aside their differences, meet in secret and plan a complete strategy of Media Warfare to discredit and subvert the Evil in our midst. If we do not….we will lose.

  9. David (DW) says:

    To put it simply, Debbie… “al-Taqiyya is with the tongue only; he who has been coerced into saying that which angers Allah (SWT), and his heart is comfortable (i.e., his true faith has not been shaken), then (saying that which he has been coerced to say) will not harm him (at all); (because) al-Taqiyya is with the tongue only, (not the heart).”

  10. AYDIN says:

    The Pocono Record has been shamelessly pimping for the Gulen Movement since at least 2007.

    Theirs is not journalism, but prostitution.

  11. AmericatheBrave says:

    Aydin, you are absolutely correct. The other issue at play here is the Gulen Movement (Hizmet) is a large Media controlled organization, In Turkey the lion’s share of the media is controlled by Gulenites. Zaman is Gulen’s it is in English and Turkish.
    In the USA he has the Fountain and ERBU TV. As the schools in the USA do so does his various foundations and BS dialogue instititues they know how to wine and dine the media. Marketing and Public relations – hence tag phrases of “meetings with world religious leaders” “Schools are run by Turkish Scholars” etc., Big on HYPE low on organization and substances. Several of the local TV stations are given FREE trips to Turkey(along with politicians) when the American charter schools go to perform for the PPP (Pennysylvania Pasha Prick) Turkish Olympiad. The News will then return to the USA reporting what a great place Turkey is and how nice the people are.
    In my next post I will give you some links of examples of this.

  12. AmericatheBrave says: – Students at Sonoran Science Academy fly to Turkey with news team, perform and MEET THE President of Turkey. Fox newscasters host the Turkish Olympiad. They even put the newscasters in Turkish costumes and lie that the Turkish language is somehow important to learn as Turkey is an emerging economic market. All a “shit show”

    This page is an example of marketing and media intermixed with the Gulen Schools.

    This is the Gulen Movement page on UTUBE which gets “testimonials” from religious, and educational people (non-Turkish) who sing the praises of the the Gulen movement. “how Islam is misunderstood” “the schools are great”, etc., There are even endorsements from Hillary and Bill Clinton

    Here is Bill Clinton’s FAKE video on the contributions of Turkey (ha ha) if you call Ottoman Expansionism and Ethnic Cleansing contributions we have become a nation of jelly fish.

  13. AmericatheBrave says:

    Dr. Paul Williams
    Wear the badge proudly, you are exposing the truth.
    Not the sugar coated press releases by ERBU TV. Kind of reminds me of the Nazi propaganda machine THIS IS ACTUAL FOOTAGE OF THE NAZI PROPAGANDA. Note: how religion is used to demonize Jewish people.

  14. AmericatheBrave says:

    Watch the propaganda video of Hitler’s youth or Nazi Youth. Notice the sympbolisms (flag, salute, uniforms) there is youth games, music and songs.

    Now watch a Gulen Turkish Olympiad with our American children going to a Gulen Managed charter school. Notice any similiarities?

  15. erol alkan says:

    we just dont want feto (fethullah)back to Turkey nobody likes him in Turkey anyway Turkish people hate his islamic mafia and they brought bad reputation for turkish people who live in arizona utah and texas shame on them

  16. Jack Williams says:

    It is weird that I always see the same names writing similar comments on similar topics. Are those commentators part of this website? Do they get any funding from Paul Williams in order to vilify some people? Looks like they are the staff of this website. Even the articles of Paul Williams are so similar to each other that Williams seems to “copy” certain paragraphs each time he writes seemingly a new article.

  17. Paul Williams has been blessed with the very best commentators…..with a great knowledge of Turkia and the West.

    Contact Dr.Williams: thelastcrusade10@Yahoo.Com

  18. AmericatheBrave says:

    Merhaba Jack Williams;
    Or should I write in Turkish for you? it is equally strange to see the same damage control from the Gulen camp or RUMI forum, (yes I have traced your IP address back to RUMI Forum in Maryland) which as you all know is the mothership of all Gulen’s Washington DC lobbying groups.
    You use the same “conspiracy theories” or other lies about Gulen and his 1-time meetings with credible world leaders.
    The truth is we use facts and documented back up. The Gulens distort fact and lie about endorsements from politicians and world religious leaders that you met 1 time.
    just because a local Senator visits one of your schools and you blast photos of the pictures at the school or the school giving him / her a tea set as a gift, don’t assume for 1 minute they are your friends.
    they are right there examining your tax records and mismanagment of our tax dollars. You are using our money to fund your agenda plain and simple.

  19. Therese says:

    Gulen is worth conservatively one billion dollars. From we are told from Midnight Express runs in drugs from Afghanistan to Turkey. I am no prophet, nor am I a particularly good Christian, just a person who believes in justice and the right of free speech and opinion.

    CIA are in bed with these bastards. It sticks out a mile.

    However the informed first Christian, Jesus said in his parable about the rich man – It is as difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. And He ought to know. If it looks like a camel, sounds like a camel – spits like a camel, then it probably will be a Gulen. For Gulen Bey is about as attractive as a camel’s ars.

  20. Therese says:

    O, and like all mystical leaders – Gulen is dressed in virginal white. The Muslims love virgins in any shape or form. The younger the better and as the great and thank God “late” Ayatola of Iran said, it is ok to have sex with a child as young as 6 months old. Sicko’s It is true – he did say this.

  21. serra says:

    He is so mystical he has miracles, like… in Mecca mosquitoes don´t bite him and when he got angry to his neighbors he can let the clouds just raining on their houses :)… people believe in it in the 21st century.

  22. Sam Brave says:

    Yeah using the same logic as AmericatheBrave uses I can also claim that Christianity is also the religion of peace. Remember what happened in Norway? A “true” and “radical” Christian killed dozens of innocent people.

    Terror has no religion! Got it?

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